4K HD sports IPTV, no buffer, 7 days to catch up, 72 hours free trial

:rainbow:XtrixTV.com is a high quality IPTV smart subscription provider with many years of experience, we have over 1000 live channels in full HD and SD & VODS updated movies and series.

:rainbow:The Xtrixtv server is highly efficient and stable, guaranteeing higher quality when watching HD channels and video on demand with zero buffer.

:rainbow:XtrixTV subscriptions are compatible with Smart TV Samasung, LG, Sony and all Android TVs via the iView app;Activation is fully automated and does not require your intervention or technical knowledge.

:rainbow:Xtrixtv has 7 days to catch up, you can watch your favorite programs anytime.

:rainbow:Our IPTV service is also compatible with Android TV boxes, Android smartphones and tablets, Smart TVs, Firestick, Nvidia Shield…We have IPTV free trial option, test our service before you buy, completely free, no credit card
:tada:Customer service email: support@iptvxtrixtv.com

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Can I have trial please

Trial request for Formuler Z8 using mytvonline app - based in the UK.
Have own vpn if needed.
Thank you

can i get a trial please?

Of course: https://iptvxtrixtv.com/product/xtrixtv-plus3-days-trail/
Customer service email: support@iptvxtrixtv.com

our iptv can run on Android Device like Smart TV(Android OS, Samsung Phone, PAD, Android TV Box,FireStick/FireTV, Shield TV,NVIDIA SHIELD box, Enimga2 DVB Box and so on.
A free trial: https://iptvxtrixtv.com/product/xtrixtv-plus3-days-trail/

Of course, XTRIXTV live programs not only have clear pictures, but also have stable source and no buffer.

Multiple devices can be tried together.

A free trial: https://iptvxtrixtv.com/product/xtrixtv-plus3-days-trail/

I an concerned with the amount of info required - click on policy and no details are provided.
Also on Formuler Box can I test on MYTVOnline 2 app?

Would you be willing to share what sports channels are in 4K?

Will service work with TiviMate?

there are plenty of HD sports channels, and you can get the test number for free to see if it fits.https://iptvxtrixtv.com/product/xtrixtv-plus3-days-trail/

XtrixTV IPTV cannot be used on Smarters or TiVate. XtrixTV IPTV is a standalone Android application.You can download the APK and enter the code to run it on your Firetick or Android device

XTRIXTV can be installed on top of Formula Box for use

Thank you for the response but not interested in a service that will not support TiviMate.

we understand there PLENTY of HD sports channels, The Question is…
what sports channels are in 4K?


:fireworks:XtrixTV is a subscription-based IPTV service that requires no setup fee and can be activated quickly.Although based in the UK, they offer great television channels from the US, Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, India and other countries.

:tada:3 day free trial: https://iptvxtrixtv.com/product/xtrixtv-plus3-days-trail/

:tada:Email address: support@iptvxtrixtv.com

A free trial:https://iptvxtrixtv.com/

I’m trying to sign up for a free 3 day trial…it keeps saying please activate account first…

Cannot get free trial…please help…


our iptv can run on Android Device like Smart TV(Android OS, Samsung Phone, PAD, Android TV Box,FireStick/FireTV, Shield TV,NVIDIA SHIELD box, Enimga2 DVB Box and so on.
Free testing:https://iptvxtrixtv.com/

I am interested in BBC Sports, Premier Sports, and Canal + Sports. Any with 7 day catch up?

Sports programs include:

BBC, S k y Sports,ITV, Rai Uno, Zee, AlMajd, 24Doc, Alsat, ARENA, Balkan Retro Hits…and Hot Sport as EPL, The Premier League, Bein sport, Nova, Ligtv, OTE, EUROSPORT, Fox Sport.

There are 7 days to catch up and you can try it for free for 3 days:https://iptvxtrixtv.com/download-main/