4K Sports Providers or 1080p 50FPS


Are there any providers that have have 4K streams for Football (EPL) or 1080p 50FPS?

Hello I have one we run in uhd and fhd for sports

What uhd channels? Can you send a channel list?

Too many to list mate most of them are either fhd or uhd

you have UHD channels? can I get a trial? i want to see the 2160 channels

@dogpound only 4k channels available right now on that format is RMC Sport they broadcast in French and a bunch of nature channels.

S ky sport germany and France Bein sport amd i think one some of French is.
I will chek because we have these channels on our Premium 2 server

One of my providers gave me a 4k stream of the US Masters Golf last night…

lots of providers provide that, look away from s k y sports to watch epl and you find them
BT channels that i have are nearly always 1920 x 1080 50fps
Same with nbc sports network, some of the bein channels, I have all the NZ S k y sport channels on one of my iptv, every channel is 1920 x 1080 50fps

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Message me bud will set trial up

I can say with about 99.9% certainty that the UHD channels promised are in fact not 4K. There’s very little 4k content out there.

Is our premium server 2 :sunglasses:

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Native 4K streams are in their primal stages rn. 1080p @ 50fps should do you fine for now. You will find most if not all BT and Sly streams are 50fps @ 1080p.

I have PMed you, can you check please?

I am calling you out. Please list all of the sports channels that you have that are 1080 50/60 FPS.

And provide a list of all sports channels that are 2160.


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Thanks :wink:

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Sorry but I don’t want to speak to you after last time thanks

So basically you are not willing to back up your boast with facts.

No just don’t talk to keyboard worrors like you mate and how do you want me to prove this ? by the way not boasting