6 MONTHS Promo - Limitless Premium IPTV


Limitless IPTV - a Premium Service
6 MONTHS Promo for Only $40 usd

-ALL Sports and PPV Events

  • NFL Sunday Ticket, RedZone
    -NBA League Pass
    -NCAA Football
    -MSG, MSG Plus
    -BT Sports
    -Willow Cricket
    -SportsNet Central
    -Portugal Sport Tv and TSN.

-HD, SD & FHD channels, USA, Spanish, UK, Canadian & International channels (Australia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Brazil, India, Ireland, Mexico, German, Portuguese, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Turkey)

-VOD & TV Series. 24/7 shows plus PPV Boxing, UFC, Wrestling & XXX.

Supported devices:
-Limitless Android App
-Limitless Perfect Player
-IPTV Smarters app
-Kodi addon
-GSE app for Apple TV
-STB app
-Android MX player app
-Zgemma E2

-Free 24h Trial (Monday thru Thursday)
-Paypal and Venmo accepted!
You will get great support from Me.
We also have Discord and [Band.us] forum support.

Sign up: https://limitlesshosting.ecwid.com/
Knowledgebase: https://aboutedison.wixsite.com/limitless
Channel List: https://pastebin.com/APgZ9fvR


How Much is the 2 connections 6 months promo?


2 connections for 6 months would be $55 usd.


Stay away from this guy. He is a crook!


Please share details


I paid for 6 months of service, but it stopped working after 1 month and he refuses to support me to get the service back.

I don’t think this is related to Limitless as a service provider, rather the reseller who in this case has stolen my money.


Thanks for that, done a trial yesterday and was thinking of doing a deal.


A crook? I have a lot of customers happy with my service. AGAIN, Here’s the story so everyone knows:

  1. travis77 signed up for 6 months sub for $40.

  2. A month after, he filed a refund complaint to PayPal with a reason of “…payment you received was made without the account holder’s permission.” Doing this before letting me know or asking for help. His problem was an easy fix. All he needed was an alternate portal url. He filed for a refund through PayPal before asking me for help.

  3. I had asked him in multiple emails to cancel the PayPal complaint as I am here to help you on any problem you’re getting. Plus offering him to join our Discord group so that he can get ALL the help he need to get his problem fixed from all of our members as well that had experienced the same problem.

  4. It took him too long to cancel, so I had to dispute his complaint on my own and presented to PayPal that his payment was not without PayPal account holder’s permission. You presented as if I was a scammer to PayPal.

  5. PayPal have decided on my favor and cancelled his claim.

So, who’s the crook?

@mthomps0505 don’t listen to this guy. He’s just a sore loser who tried to scam me. You can go on reddit and read how happy all my customers are and see good reviews about my service.


So here we have 1 for it & 1 against it limitless personally ive heard only 1 bad review<< ((if you can call it that)) so far and that is the one above >??


I checked reddit and I believe you.

Thanks for your openness.

I will sign up in a couple of days.


I am always here and at reddit. All my customers have my email. So, as far as all my customers know, I give good support and always here to help. This guy was panicking at the time I’m sleeping not intelligently knowing I could be on a different time zone.


Great service for the 2 months I’ve had it and no complaints on edisonv3, he’s always gotten back to me quickly.

I’ve noticed buffering over the past month though which may be due to new subscribers signing up. Anything I can do about that? It’s happening just enough to be annoying.


Thanks @Chrisj2418. There’s always a fix depending on which app you’re using. An Example is if you’re using Perfect Player, changing settings to HW fixes it. Just let me know what app you’re using and we can fix it. Also, send me a PM and I’ll give you an invite to our discord group and you can get all the setting help you need to get better streams.


That was it! Changed perfectplayer from auto to HW+ and buffering is gone again. Thanks again


You’re welcome! Enjoy!


I bought 6 month subscription about a month ago and I have no issues. He answered all of my questions in timely manner


Thank you @Aladdin_Hussein


Hi edison, just wondering how long it takes to receive account information after placing an order? I just purchased the 48 hour pass and will be using perfect player.


I just emailed you your login details. Thanks.



Does this promotion include PPTV channels?