Alien Streams IPTV - 3,000+ channels


I’ve not tried this service. Just sharing this guys video review for our added knowledge.


I’ve used ALIEN for a while now and the service is excellent.

I am leaving them, however, because of what I call a “shady business practice.”

The service is advertised as $10/mo, however they only take Paypal and the bill is always $10.73.

I have used dozens (literally dozens) of IPTV services and NEVER paid a service charge for the privledge.
When asked why they’re charging me more than the expected $10 here is what I got:
“…You didn’t pay the service fee because your OTHER services didn’t have a business account… we are legit…”

Really? … Are they incorporated? Do they pay taxes? Do they collect and remit sales tax? Do they have Insurance? Are they traded on the Stock Exchange?.. Gimme a break - Leggit. That’s what SeTV said too.
Has anyone else paid more than the monthly fee as a fee??


:thinking: glad to see how you think about us. but we have a legitimate paypal business account and they charge their % fee. we use their services as a business account on our website because most do it through fb messages and get you to send as friends and family and you cant get a refund. which we allow refunds if your not satisfied.