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Join the next Generation of IPTV server AlienStreams©

Today you have a lot of servers that claim they are the best out there that push up high buy in prices in order to ”convince” it is needed in order to keep quality at all time and at the same time having channels that have black screens for far too long before any reaction from the tech-team says it at.

Why is this? Because the people behind these servers are Greedy and Lazy, Incompetent, limited visioned butt monkey’s, That Rent everything they have in the range and Offer it to you as a reseller and eventually to your end users, still they call them self the best, and even take pride on it.

Does this ring a bell? No More of this!

What is unique about AlienStreams?

Has Serious Ambitions for not just the Server Owner’s
But we have a vision of Proof In Product and Service.

We Don’t see just money, we focus on having a service that works all the time, and Resellers have everything they need to maximize their profits.

AlienStreams Also want to expand the service to more than just Channel’s, Movies, and Series.

A multipurpose Server that dosen’t shy away from adding New Category’s and Digital Content, we are daily improving ways to implemented new things in a way so that end users can stream it as easy as 123.

And we also understand all aspects of it. End Users dosen’t necessarily have the same devices, so we have figured out ways so that Clients can stream even from the worst app possible.

Further more

You as a Reseller can request material from the Server Staff Through our Internal Community. So in that way your clients can also request material from you, and you forward that request to us and we will handle it.

We are the Next Generation of IPTV

We are a Dedicated Team that is focused on all countries, we are also persistent on having around 42 languages available in the VOD Range for Serier and Movies. All this to be able to reach out to the majority of nationalities out there. We know that this is what comes in mind when you hear the word IPTV User: ( so I get all the content that exist? ) Reality is, that none IPTV Provider can promise this

We would like to be the first one out there that can offer new material and even nostalgic experience on demand. That is the way it should be.

Portable Alien’s

We even offer Official Resellers that are hungry to make a name for them selfs, extended service.

**Such as: **
Own Website’s, Anon Payment Gateways, Ads Management, Equipment’s Such as IPTV Boxes and more through our internal community.

Our Server Staff :
Are Educated People in Both Economics, Ads Tactics, Coding. And you as a Reseller can get a hold on all the knowledge you need to be able to thrive in your business.

This Goes for when you add your own Resellers also, we help everyone on the Server, no other provider will & can offer you this.

We Help you to create a setup that gives you the ability to be ready to Sell on the Go Through your computer or Smart Phone.
Comfortable and Painless so that you can work from anywhere in the world, not just stream everything from the whole world, also having a nice lifestyle.

That’s Our Vision, Very Simple.

Local Sources for the win

At AlienStreams
We run with Local Sources, and strive to keep stability
at all times, We persist on having sources taken directly from any digital service to have it all at our own disposal. That way we can give you as a reseller Comfort by giving 101 service if any down time should arise.

For the Nordic Region for example, we have Viasat, Boxer, ComHem, Canal Digital, Discovery + and More

We understand every role of IPTV
From Server , Reseller all the way down to End Users.

To ensure you as a reseller to have minimum nagging from your clients we make sure from our end to provide you real quality 365 days a year 24/7

What about downtime and errors?

This is something that every provider goes through even Landmark Television.

We have a technical team that standby and monitors every error and is ready to fix any downtime.

We never have downtime on Major sport event’s
UFC PPV event’s , Champions League etc

Experience go a long way, that’s why we have experience stacked and understand how to tackle every issue.

So you as a reseller never have to worry about fixing anything for your end users,

As mentioned You also have a internal Community for Resellers Only to be able to communicate with the Server Staff, For any requests.
Error’s , tips about self development , maximize profits.

So with AlienStreams there is no room for error’s just success.

Try Us first , become a reseller with confidence.

Take your Time and Try us before you Buy us!
Compare the Stability to other providers
for 10 days in peace.

We have favorable buy in prices for you as a Official Reseller when you buy packages ( Subscription period’s)

The minimum purchase to become a reseller is 500 euros and that is to let us know that you are a serious seller.

You can grow your business by being able to add your own resellers.

All it takes is to join, and have a hungry attitude.

AlienStreams © - What mood are you in?


Just took a trial with @AlienStreamsIPTV this a very very good solid service for the Nordic audience.

If Nordic channels are what your looking for as a reseller or even a customer I would give them a shout.

Fast zap times and a decent categorised Vod section.

Nordic lot give them a shout!

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Thanks @Wolfstreamz :heart_eyes:

Yes agree as already have that reseller panel and is one of the best for Nordic customers

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I tip my hat off to ya. Great detailed post

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Thank you @Dirk_Cooley <3

I’m interested in seller panel.

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sending you a PM now :slight_smile:

I’m interested in becoming a reseller.

sending you a message! :slight_smile:

I am interested in reseller package. Send me price list. Can I have subreseller?



Yes you can have subresellers, please send me a private message @Amart213 :slight_smile:

Hello, want to become reseller.

Need 2 sub resellers. mostly usa and canada channels.

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Hi would like to know more about your service and plans , please DM prices etc.

check you inbox, PM Sent! =)