Another Provider List


Here’s a link to a little database of IPTV providers I’ve collected. If you know of a provider not listed, please message me with a link to their site and I’ll add them. It’s a simple list with links to the providers, their channel list if I could find one and their prices. For info on device compatibility, number of connections, SD/HD/FHD, etc. you’ll need to visit their site. Please feel free to comment.
updated 9/4/18


Nice list. A good addition would be a column for count of connections for the price.


Thanks, I’ll add that as I can. I’d like to get a list more similar to yours that has details about the provider. It just takes a little time. I also want to be sure I can keep it current.


Yes, great list. Anyway to add which services have catchup.


Awesome list. Thanks!! The first one I ever used was SET TV. Now that it’s belly up and took my annual free, I have wanted to find a new one.


Thanks, remember this is only a small list. I find new ones almost everyday. Take your time in choosing a new provider and good luck!:sunglasses:


You propose an IPTV Providers list. Thanks. But, we have to use doc&. Google - Google Drive to read it. This a shame for those ones reluctant to Google !!!


Okay, well…I don’t know your reasons for not wanting to view in google docs but whatever. Here’s where you can find a .pdf version unless you have an aversion to pdfs. :slight_smile:
You’re welcome.


If you’re reluctant to Google, you shouldn’t get in to IPTV game. Just subscribe to your local cable company, you and the cable company have something in common = Unappreciative.


Your link is telling me that it is to be deleted very shortly and to make a copy


Should be okay now for viewing


Excellent job Graybeard.


Thanks my friend. I appreciate it.


list is deleted (again) ?


Original link has been updated. Should work now.


nice list, very helpful.
Could you add a column for VOD.


Wow looks like a lot of work.

Its a hell of a job trying to keep it up to date, iptv changes very quickly !!

But well done !


Thanks. Actually that one is a very old list. I’m on v4.01 currently which is vastly expanded and updated.


Hi there Greybeard very nice list, you may want to add me to your list all Pricing in CAD $$ I Have been a reseller for about a year and offer 10 options please visit


Hi Ragu, I just publish v4.01 so I’ll include you in my next update. Do you offer free trials? Do you have a link to your channel list? PM me if you like or you can always email me at graybeardslist or visit my home community.