Another Provider List


Can you please add which services have catchup. If you want to break from cable you have to be able to record programs.


I’ve had many requests for additional columns. I may introduce things like VOD, catchup, connections, etc. in future updates. To be honest, it’s a a real chore just to maintain which providers are active and which have either shut down or sold out of subs. My current list has over 150 providers on the two provider tabs alone, not to mention the multi-service providers and all the other links on the current list.

Thanks for the suggestion and I promise that I’ll take it into consideration,


The one i use isn’t listed. unity


They’ll be on the next update


Thanks. I know it’s a lot work. And I appreciated all your effort. Where do I find your updated list at.


I just PMd you with the link


Thanks for the link.


Nero had a registration problem and he said he fixed it. Did you get in?


Would love to see the latest version of this too. Very helpful.


Yes. I got in. Thanks


Quick question. When I try to go to the sites on your list nothing happens. So you cannot go to the sites through your list. You have to look them up yourself, right.


You should be able to in the majority of the cases.

Given that we’re talking the latest version of the list, the majority of the provider and their channel list hyperlinks have been checked and they will (or at least they did for me) take you to that site.

There are about 3 or 4 sites that use DDOS protection and they are highlighted in cyan. Those sites you need to copy the url from the list and paste into the address bar of your browser in order to get to them.

If you have a link that’s not connecting, give me the provider name and I’ll check the links again. I always appreciate people alerting me to broken links 'cause Lord knows I ain’t perfect :slight_smile:


I just spot checked. I downloaded the latest published version, clicked on a couple of random links and they connected. Some took a second or two to kick in but they worked. I’m using Firefox so I don’t know how IE or chrome will react.


Am using my iPad. Maybe I have to go to my PC.


Could be. I haven’t tested on an iPad. I believe when excel is presented with a hyperlink, it tries to pass the link onto a browser. I’m not an expert on this though.


Works fine on PC. iPad, no.


Thanks for letting me know Dennis. Not sure what I can do. I only have Windows and Android devices to test on.


The latest update to my list has been published. Now with 194 different providers with their url’s, subscription rates, channel lists and VOD/Catchup info.
PM me for a link.


Thanks for your great work on doing this. Dennis


Your welcome mate. Thanks for saying so.