Any Canadians looking for IPTV? I have what you need!

Closed for now. Thanks.

Do you allow connections via VPN? If so I wouldn’t mind giving 647 Television a trial.

I messaged you. Thanks.

I would like 905 for two buzz 3000 iptv boxes

Will message you. Thanks.

Could get a free trial for a mag box. Thanks

U have site URL also are you’re 4k movies in DTS ?

Your 416 server for $20 a month 2 connections. Can I use 2 mag boxes with that. Thanks

Yes!..for now ;). That can change at any time.

Do you do etransfer . thanks

Yes I do. Thanks. PM me if you need anything.

Where do I PM you. Thanks

Which APK m3u player works the best with this system? Also do you send a “how to” instruction to get setup.
Is there a link to your website?

No webiste but I can help you with setup if you need it. DM me if you need anything.

Interested in 647 Television $10CAD/month

Hi how do I do get a free trial for 647 and 416 ?

U have xc portal with user ID and Password

Interested. How long after subscribing until I have service?


Are you still selling OK2 IPTV? I need 4 subscriptions for OK2 in 4 different Dreamlink boxes which use MAC addresses for 6 months. How much would this be?


@iptvguy416 are you still able to provide?