Any decent provider on this forum

I think i must have 100 providers PM me, promising a great service. This forum seems awash with resellers selling rubbish services.

I need to find this provider, can anybody help. It is actually solid service


well lets have a talk and see if one of the setups i have can be a solution for you!

@mrblue i get the same promises

@Jet72 No promises here other than your welcome to try out our service with no obligations.

@mrblue Same to you too…

Well estbalished service been around for years

get a free trial with us and see if is a better experiance!

We can offer a free trial if interested pm me

Hi, my friend

Maybe you can try something new.

IPTV iView contains everything you need.

Sports channels and live channels.Multi-device family package.

Pay monthly, with a 72-hour free trial before you subscribe.

Give you the best sense of security.

Please contact me for the test.

@Alicrete @mrblue

💚 Tried and tested by moi: Hassle-free service with crisp, stable FHD streams, super fast load times (especially if you're in the UK), excellent uptime, superb customer service and reasonably priced subs! XC login and custom apps available! Click here for a trial!💚

what’s the name of the provider? you cant glean anything from that screenshot

Offering trials for our service what are you waiting for, join our trials discord sever, come grab a trial and check out our service!!

VoidMedia :gem:


i got the player . some have to bare with me. i still only have limited posts/replies on here.
you guys have to help me with that limit :slight_smile:
anyway i’m ready to try.

Hi mrblue. I sell 10 good services that should work great for you depending on your location. Are you in the U.S.? Let me know I can trial you if you still looking.

Looks like the lot I signed with in the end. New Dawn media or New Dawn TV they are. I agree they are solid matey

Come and take a trial with ICONICTV which has two premium services at £45 or £60 yearly available

You are all mad advertising your service on here, DMCA incoming lol

If you don’t mind using APK I can provide for you two premium services. £45 or £60 yearly. @iconiciptv2021 telegram or WhatsApp 07719824851 me for trial/info

I’ve signed up with 2 from here, Shark and iptvgo and been using the 1st one for over 2 months, 2nd around a month and both are good for me(touch wood) you will never get 100% reliability with any service but these guys have been 99%. Sometimes it’s not their end, but yours.

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Nobody ever provides proof of service here. This board is essentially a home for spammers, fly by night providers, and thieves. Good vendors are a very rare bird here.

Never pay for 6 month or annual service, regardless. And only 3 months max if you’ve tried monthly for a while.


We can offer you the service you’re looking for you can direct Contact us through mail.
You can PM me Directly