Anyone else here on shellastreams25, gone AWOL!

Often there are others who can give the same service, but it’s funding them in the djungle of trash that’s the hard thing.

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Lets wait and see… he said his servers were attacked.

Personally never tried them but have been approached by them to be their reseller as somehow they knew I also sell other servers.
But cannot confirm if they are serious or not

Well, I guess I got burnt - only just paid them for a whole year.
Stupid to trust them…

Now I have learnt. Any suggestions for a truly reliable service that has been around for a long time?


Did your service stop working?

Sorry to hear about this unfortunate event. If anyone is still looking for a reliable, trustworthy provider feel free to check us out!

Adrenaline TV - 7500 Channels (optional vod can be included: 7500 Movies & 1000 Series)

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****he’s gone awol **
** not sure about hes main service u was running but been told it been closed down **

** but he’s 2nd service he had since 28.08.20 was deleted as he couldn’t follow the rules **
**if u looking for top-notch service with fast load ups than send us a message 1 hr test entertainment only **
**option 2 **

resellers wanted subs from £15 a month ****
**** free setup free panel

great service Don’t delay!!! Message us today! You won’t be disappointed

our service only used our own apps

Download our app in minutes

android & amazon devices windows pc & laptop Xbox ps4 only

premium service 2 load times are lot faster than premium 1 service

android & amazon devices only we use our own unbranded apps

*1 hr or 6hr entertainment only

3000 channels

no catch-up tv

£15 1 month

£30 3 months

£40 6 months

£55 12 months

buy both services for £75 12months on each either have them on 1 app or on 2 apps 1 in 1 room & other 1 in another room keep the whole family happy

resellers wanted

**£1.50 a credit special offer (normally £3 a credit ) min buy a month is 100 credits


1m 5credits

3m 8 credits

6m 10 credits

12m 15 credits

will be offered a dual app to login on or you can have 1 service in 1 room and have the other service in another room keep the whole family happy

customers will be added to our member’s support group on telegram welcome to share with your friends and family do not share on social media

Same here 1 yr up the spout, was a good stream as well.


Just also paid two days ago, got less than 24 hours of service


What exactly does that mean? Following the rules - which rules?

Add me to the list guys. Paid for a year, got screwed. Never again.

he bought in to another service and and he was selling and he thought he was bigger than the service he was buying from and so hes panel was deleted after he was trying to poach our resellers and he also try to get my boss storm2020 in to trouble on here storm2020 is now banned because of few resellers ie shellastream25 and Derek85 ie ko hosting also known as knockout hosting


beginners luck…- falling for such a “trustworthy” person. 60 Pounds down the drain.

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not good bud sorry to hear u lost your service its not good at all everyone loses out part form him
i can give little discount to anyone looking for another service

@premium_iptv_streams Do you have the same content as he did? Intrested in a 3 month sub for a good price as I just lost £40… and I am suspicious of everyone right now…

no we dont have the same has them

yes longs its a android or amazon devices we can give 1 hr test anyone thats after a sub dm us we can sort u out on our super fast service premium 2
3000 channels no vod no catch up
12 months is normally £55 but we do it for £30 for 12 month
will need a email and we will send u a app for u to download
its bad when someone sells u a service and in days goes awol its not good at all

we do 3 months for £20

1 month £10 saving £5
3 months £20 saving £10
6 months £25 saving £15
12 months £30 saving £25

Football & uk live tv is what I am after… but fhd 50fps preferably

anyone like to get bk on watching tv

most stable service if u have android or amazon devices only
most stable service
if u have #android or amazon devices**
Download our app
1 month £10 saving £5
3 months £25 saving £10
6 months £30 saving £15
12 months £40 saving £25
no vod and no m3u or url will be sent
no mac boxes or smart tvs

we are not all like him

feedback about our service
I’ve been testing the premium 2 service after purchasing yesterday, excellent panel and guide, quality and speed of streams is superb.

FHD, HD and SD available across all movies/sports and plenty of other sources for the f such as bein, d&zn, eleven sports and also US and Canada channels, so you have plenty to choose from. Great service and well worth it.

Eagerly awaiting the return of the prem league and fight nights.


same signed up for epl but now he’s gone. im in a hunt again