Anyone used IPTVTRUST forum ( )

Anybody used this Forum???. Seems like its going to be similar too here only with trusted providers??
Not registered with them yet, just wanted to see if anyone else had tried yet before I do. :wink:

That’s like asking Google how Bing is :grin:

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:joy: Hardly, just asking for users experiences and input on something which is similar to this forum.
Having looked at it in more depth it is brand new so people won’t have an experiences so I was a dumb question really. I will register tomorrow and see for myself.

Why go somewhere for hamburgers when you have steak at home?
:hamburger: :cut_of_meat:


Should always have a vegetarian offering :joy:.

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Seems like a good idea … don’t keep all your aggs in one basket … is that even a saying :thinking:


Seems to take forever to get approved on there

All the top providers are there. Was hoping for something more with a new look and unique feel. Atleast there’'s no constant spamming over there

No customers though🤔

Only about 2-3 week old tho isn’t it, guess it will take time for it to build … if it works it will be nice to have another forum… guess all forums are quiet at the start. Gotta give it time and a chance

Just had an email from them. Understandably they need more customers to join as pointless if it’s just providers on there with nobody to sell too

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Yeah like everything it takes time. Hopefully they get what they’re looking for.

Give it time. Once word of mouth goes around it’ll be active

Yeah hopefully. Lot of work to setup so good luck to them.

I’ve just signed up and had a look around. Definitly has lots of potential, I like the way even as a user you are verified by the mods … should reduce fake profiles spamming and poaching from the sharks!

It’s indirect publicity :smiley: marketing they Said

Yeah, it’s looking like it will be a good project. Providers have to be verified so keeps the sharks and conmen out. I joined last week :slightly_smiling_face:

Great, Wonder if i make a recommendation on my favorite service, Or if they’ll have a recommendation section. Since It’s not available on here :slightly_smiling_face:

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As a provider it takes a while to activated onto the site as there isnt enough members yet, once its up and running it will be a good thing as there are so many on here thst keep popping up alot of people wont want to pay a fee which is a good thing.

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By the looks of it they have 7-10 of the trusted and stable providers from here and will be much better for customers to get a more quicker response from some good stable providers.Im guessing more will be veted and tested from the owner to have some of the best on there?..