Anything working fully out there after Xtream loss? US, UK, Canada needed

My service (which I paid monthly for, thankfully) is gutted. Not much works anymore after the Xtream downfall. What does work is not much and not very well.

#1 need is Canada TSN, Sportsnet channels + CBC, CTV News.

A Reddit forum mentions Sportz TV and Sapphire Secure, but I know nothing about those, or if they are just blowing smoke hoping folks will sign up.

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Hello friend good night we have what you are looking for. and much more write to us telegram suport

I just posted something that works

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Ours is looking great tbh, better than 90% of other providers.

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emailed you my friend.

Email they will take care of you great service and very reliable
Been going since 2012 but it’s invite only so
Mention my name Mark when asking for test

Does JustIPTV work on android?

I use Mystic Tv and so far all channels except a couple of 24/7 channels have been running without issue. I also have Beast TV and they are in the process of implementing a new control panel, and working out the bugs. They expect to be running fully without issue by the end of the week. They also issued us 1 month credits for being patient with them as they switched. They have been very transparent with the process.

You will need to email them on ,

hey Canucklehead,

East Coaster here looking for same channels. I have Limitless & sapphire which are unstable with little or no Canadian content and sapphire barely works at all. Got an email from Sportz as I used to subscribe and they sound bad too. will let you know if i find anything but think its going to take a few months for the industry to come back, hopefully better.

Pm us for trial mate :smiley:

Sportz tv works great! Almost 7000 channels. Including, USA, UK, Canada, VOD

No one is fully working. gonna take months for someone to ‘fully work’.

Can I have free trial.



Sure mate write me on pm

Sportz used to be called Durex which is just a rebrand of Helix. I have OK3 if you want CAD content.

Unfortunately, all of these services are apparently affected by the same problem and get their channels from the same sources which are now mostly toast due to enforcement action.

I’ve tried 3 of them over the weekend, only to be greeted by the same blank screens.

There’s simply no Canadian stuff to speak of, and sports is gutted.

Looks like I’m back to Live NetTV and TvTap.

The app that apparently is used for OK3, DigitalSTB 2.50, will not install.

Sportz: No Canadian to speak of. Just a few, and only a few TSN, Sportnet channels are there. Not all.

All of these services apparently share the same missing channel feeds.

would like a trial. using firestick