Area 51 IPTV Provider Review


Some members here have expressed an interest in Area 51’s service. Here’s a link to a recent review:

NOTE I am NOT affiliated with Area 51 nor am I a reseller. I just thought some might appreciate a review.


Thanks for the link Greybeard, i’ll Check it out. :+1:t3:


Do you have the channel line up


Here’s a current list I created from my EPG. No Non-English or Live Cam Channels are included.
Area51_Channels.txt (15.5 KB)


been using as back up provider shame theres no vod just finishing my final sub with fab epl is always blocked with fab but area 51 plays fine


also uk sports channels are not hd


I wrote already about area-51 in another thread here. To sum it up:
The good:
1.Very reliable

The bad

  1. Inconsistent quality where for some channels HD jumps to SD.
  2. Too many channels in SD, not enough in HD.
  3. No FHD at all.
  4. Bossy behavior in support. One can never feel at home in their support chat rooms.
    5.Totally closed to channel suggestions even for country that is already available.
  5. Rudimentary EPG with countless omissions.


svetos above post sums area 51 perfectly


Thanks for sharing the review!



Area 51 is sold out of subs. Current subscribers may re-up but no new subs will be accepted.


My only complaint with Area 51 is they seem not to be interested in fixing the Australian and New Zealand channels, only 4 out of 53 actually work and they are of course shit ones.