Awesome Service


Check out NVision tv. Let me know your thoughts

Just check this out.



Wasn’t this guy like $20/$25 a month?
If so it’s too rich for my blood :wink:



I have been an NVision subscriber for the past 6-8 months. They carry the channels I require and their service is fairly reliable. I was a little disappointed today when watching BT Sport 2 and the game between Arsenal and Napoli. The stream went down on 2 occasion (message came on screen that stream was not available). I went to another channel and then back immediately to BT Sport 2 and it worked well until the same problem occurred again 30 minutes later.
I previously gave NVision 9/10. For the most part I would still support that number.
They are on the upper range of pricing but they do allow 3 (as far as I remember) devices for the advertised price.