Best Device for IPTV


Hi all
What is the best device for IPTV. I am currently using an IPTV service through my smart TV using smart IPTV.
I would be interested if there is much of a difference between devices including if buffering is less if using a mag box compared to smart TV.
Thanks for your replies


Yes there is a big difference between devices. I found that out the hard way. There’s a reason why some boxes are $30 and some boxes are 200. It’s all in the processor and the memory. I live in Costa Rica where the internet is crappy at best, got a good box and I have almost no buffering. I would say I’m 99% but for free. Thanks for joining the group brother be safe


I am using Nvidia shield 2017… 200$ and its amazing fast and the best device in market


Thanks Guys much appreciated :slight_smile:


I use Smart IPTV on Samsung smart TV. I also use a couple of meecool boxes, I find the performance on Smart IPTV far superior to that on the Android boxes.


Thanks Smileyman I use my Samsung Smart TV using the Smart IPTV app and haven’t used anything else. Its good to know the combo is good


I’ve been using Android boxes for years and now I’m using Apple TV 4K. And I have to say, Apple TV 4K with GSE IPTV App works flawlessly. Well worth <$200 expense, can’t go wrong.


me I’m using Formuler Z7+ love the app MYTVOnline best EPG I have ever seen works awesome, only downside is it only has a 100g ethernet would be best box on market if it had a gigabit port…


thanks ragu do they make a gigabit one?


Do you have gigabit internet?
That’s always going to be your bottleneck.


Lol No :slight_smile:


I also find the SIPTV app on my Samsung QLED TV works best. In terms of stability and pic quality. I also have N Shield box 2017 but I do think it is overkill. There are many bugs like the “battery low” msg appearing even after several firmware updates. I am thinking of getting another android box like Formula Z which is specifically designed for IPTV. MAG is no frills it works well for most people just get the latest one with higher RAM but no option for M3U. With android, you can opt for STBemu. Android offers more choices, more customization if you like that.


The best devices for IPTV is the Formuler Z8 and Z7+


Nvidia Shield, however it’s one of the more expensive devices. I also have two 4K Fire Stick’s and they are awesome. Can’t beat the price and the performance.


The Formuler z7+ is good but also the Shield is good too I have both


For a cheap, reliable box for streaming, you can’t go far wrong with a T95Q
Approx £50. 4GB /64GB


Shield is still the best of the best, but it costs more


These boxes fill different needs. Z7+ is a better IPTV box as you’re paying for the dedicated app, remote, ease of use, etc. Shield is a better box hardware wise but overkill if just for IPTV.


Many still like the shield over the z7 or 8 for pure Iptv