Best iptv for value


Hi all
I have a question.
Which of these 4 iptv provider is the best when it comes to HD streaming quality, no buffering and customer service? Epicstream, Vader tv, Ipguys tv or Gears tv reloaded?


I have Vaders and Ipguys but IpGuys is betters than Vaders


All IPTV at sometime r the other u going to get buffering.
Out of your list I will go with EpicStream for quality stream then IPGuys for reliability only downside is most of the channels r SD.
Check out this link.

But my top two favorite r Fab, EpicStream there is one I am trying this month the name is Kodi Solutions.
For Fab , EpicStream

For Kodi Solutions

The only way to find what u want is to test the service.
Keep in mine internet and hardware sometimes made a difference if u got buffering problem.

Check this site for recommend box


Hi, it’s more of a survey I’m doing my bad for not mentioning that. to see which of these providers members on this forum are using and their experiences so far… also I just wanna add, I have excellent internet speed plus the box I use is nividia shield


I’m currently running Epicstreams, Area 51, Kodi Solutions and The Players Club. I am not a sports nut and I don’t need catch-up, so my needs are simple. Of the four I have I would rate TPK #1, A51 #2, KS #3 and Epic #4 (only because it’s too expensive for my tastes). The first 3 all have about the same quality and TPK is the only $5 sub that to my knowledge has VOD. Hope that helps.


I have Gears, Vader Beast. Helix, Root. I have been testing all of them. most expensive is Gears and it has the best quality pictures, Beast has the most content. Helix good but often doesnt work when premier league football is on Root is the cheapest and works well with sport but picture quality not the best. All of them work fine on a day to day basis, but all are disappointing when it comes to trying to watch the Saturday premier league matches and sky or bt sport when a big game is on. So the search will go on.!!! im based in the UK and use a vpn but it seems to make little difference to the buffering.


Coud you have a try of us IPTV?

or send mail for trial code and apk?


yes im happy to give you a trial this weekend, but what do you do thats different to the other iptv services to ensure a good service during live games, given that the premier league seem hell bent on stopping all the iptv services showing live football


Hi. How to find TPK The Players Club?

They go by Mint and Lie Low on their website above. I know it’s a little strange but trust me, it’s really TPK.
PM me if you have trouble.


Thanks shall try./Rolf



I’m in the UK mate, and a footie nut. I’m currently trying out “Optimus” & “Proton”. The quality on both is pretty good. Out the two “Proton” has the edge for less buffering. They’re new services so I’m expecting them to go tits up at some point in the near future - especially after they’ve taken on more customers. Hopefully when the seasons over:)

Good luck mate!


Yep proton is great and no epl blocks. Its been around for a long time. Prime is another good one.


That’s good news when you say “Proton” has been around for a long time. I was told it was a new service. How long has it been going?


The team behind it has been around for years. Optimus is a new service however.


Thanks for the information.


thanks for the info, I only really want the football and it usually does come with buffering or pic quality problems. I have a vpn too and lose a few mb/s but it’s fast enough so that it shouldn’t buffer. But it does! I’m looking round for a quality site. Cheers…


Give Prime a try… 3 day trial


I’ll give it a try thanks…I use my pc at the mo’ as I’m on holiday until the end of the month. I have a vpn. Thanks…


overall i would say Gears is probably the best well known one. I think the problem is that the really good ones fly under the radar, don’t advertise are more expensive and have a limited membership as they don’t want to get closed down