Best iptv for value


cheers for the advice. I’m using GenIPTV at the moment and took out a years sub around June '18. The reseller was extremely helpful and I can’t fault him but the channels have glitches and I won’t be buying from there again. I need a good source for EPL.


Try titan. Pm for details for a 2 day trial


have you looked at Helix? or one that a mate of mine uses who thinks its brilliant is sports donkey


Vaders is good, especially with Matchcenter. Gears is too much cash for one connection. I prefer A51, TPK, Eternal, TNT, Streams 4 Us, Kodi Solutions and Venom over the ones you listed.

#25 hands down the best


I agree. Just found Desert Streams Live this week and it blows out of the water from other services I have used in the past two years.
Great channels, catchup that works, every type of sport, EPG that works and is current


When i’ve been doing trials a lot of them seem ok and then fall over when united play (amount of connections etc).

Is generally good even when big live events are on?


I just signed up with watch PPV and football matches yesterday with out one problem…best ive seen yet…and so many choices…


How is it today with the L’pool game?


Hasnt skipped a beat 2-0


Will defo look into it then.

Was trying to watch a championship match on beast on wednesday and due to united being on it froze all the other channels out.


message them at tell them you would like a 24 hr trial im sure they will help you …


I now am using and it is the best I have found in two years.
I don’t regret the decision.
All of their features work. I think every country is listed, sports for sport lover, catchup that works, epg. that is up to date.
2 connections for around $21.00 with a $10.00 discount for your first month.
Give it a try! :grinning: