Best US Hosting - USA/UK/CA only - Lots of FHD and HD backups - PPV - 60fps USA Sports - Reseller option available

Originally started 2 years ago as my own personal split off IPTV offering from the various other outside projects I both partially own and help maintain, the goal of Best US Hosting is a simple one - a primary focus on top of line USA + Sports content, a strong secondary focus on some of the more popular International sports, and with it all run on always conservative server setup. Minus a lot of the extra stuff thrown in to try to appeal to every market possible, and without the 101 little back end concessions that happen on the inside when it comes to having to fund/support a larger focus market.

For starters I don’t have 50 different section groups, or 7000 channels running and eating up server resources in the back round. I don’t add constantly broken channels just to make my channel list look bigger. I don’t run or weigh down my service with any extra VOD or catchup. I don’t clutter every possible super random channel into my lineup on request just in hopes that it might net me that one extra sub sale at the expense of giving the other 99.9% people one more thing to scroll past. In fact I don’t chase the appeal to the masses or get paid in bulk upfront sums from reseller money at all. So if you are looking for that service that tries to offer everything under the sun on first glace, with a focus aimed more at casting a wide please everybody net then truly excelling in a few specific areas, then I am also probably not the IPTV service for you.

What I do offer I stand behind 100% and take a lot of pride in though. I make it a point to run a lot of the highest quality direct feeds. I also make it a principle point not to sell any subs longer then 3 months, as I am fully confident in maintaining things on a you only pay for what you see in front of you basis. Don’t do this for a living, I don’t rely on it to pay my personal bills, and if a bomb unfortunately gets dropped on the IPTV world tomorrow and this all goes away I’m perfectly content leaving other people’s money in their own pockets. Have never had any interest in doing this any other way either.

Best US Hosting channel lineup, with an strong emphasize on keeping the layout as clean, fully EPG’s, and scroll friendly as possible (to note I have zero non-english foreign language channels, with zero interest in adding them)

  • 100+ USA entertainment channels, many FHD and with an extra 720p backup on almost all of them.

  • 50+ USA/UK movie channels

  • 165+ USA local channels (usually added on paid sub request as I only add what people are going to need or watch as opposed to keeping some giant list)

  • 135+ USA/CA sports channels including backups on most

  • 125+ International sport channels, including various packages

  • Full NHL/NBA/MLB/NFL packages in 60fps and with home/away feeds for NBA/MLB ( only keep these in while the sport is in season and games are being played)

  • ESPN+/Fox Sports in 60fps

  • 75+ CA and 40+ UK specific channels

  • 20+ Music Choice and 75+ Porn channel (optional and most in HD)

  • 100+ 24/7 channels


To note we no longer offer direct sale free trials. To be blunt and while I completely understand the preference some have to see the option, as an already established provider the bad that comes with spamming out free trials in hopes it nets a few extra subs we might not otherwise see just isn’t worth the hassle to me anymore. Also no longer make the isolated effort to maintain a channel list to hand out to people, for those that may ask btw.

2 Day Test Trial - 1 Connection - $2 (available Monday - Thursday Morning)

1 Month - 2 Connections - $8
3 Months - 2 Connections - $21

(mac accounts are available at 1 connection only by purchasing the above 2 options on the website and including your mac address in the text notes)

1 Month - 3 Connections - $11.50
3 Months - 3 Connections - $30

1 Month - 4 Connections - $15
3 Months - 4 Connections $40
No IP locks

Competitively priced reseller packages are available with a 50 credit minimum purchase. Although to note these are only sold through direct contact sales. As is the case with my own direct sales, I also keep things here on a extremely financially stable level. No unlimited reseller panels, no “special holiday sales” undermining the credit prices, or sell what I can today while worrying about what that means for the servers latter stuff. If that alternative less about the quick buck approach with a solid long term stability track record happens to appeal to you, hit me up with a PM and we can talk shop (try the service first though).

Live customer support is available through discord chat, which is accessible upon purchase.

Purchase website - h ttps://
(email me with the addy there for crypto purchase requests)


Do you offer M3U playlist URL and EPG URL link?

Yes on both.

In fact I’m all about pointing my own direct clients towards using Tivi Mate for the best overall IPTV experience.

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Would you offer 1 connection with 6mth term ? Just asking as I assume your pricing is in USD and I am from CA. Since there is FX conversion I prefer slightly longer term but not a deal breaker. Thks.

Well I meant what I said in the ad. I 100% prefer people stick to only paying me for the service they see in front of them, and not on some empty future promise that nobody can realistically honor with absolute certainty. It’s the IPTV game, things happen, and I’ll never be that guy that pumped out a bunch of discounted annual sales just to get the sure thing money that latter leaves people feeling empty handed/shorted. I totally get and understand why most do it, since it makes all the sense in the world to do from this end, but it is just not a position I personally ever want to even risk putting myself in.

With that said I’ll again point out a 1 month sub is $8 usd. If you want to try that and end up liking the service with an extended look you can always hit me up in discord (I have an open PM me whenever policy), and we can work something out on a longer term sub purchase that tries to save you on the fees.

Fair enough. Best to try a mth. Just to clarify, there is no auto-renewal. It is up to me to renew prior to the 1mth expiry (keep my UN/PW) or the service ends and I sign up again like brand new.

I hate anything that puts me on auto renewal by default, so I would never do it on my own service :slight_smile:

I send out renewal reminder emails a day or 2 before subs are set to expire. So yes, it is up to you to renew after that. But that also keeps with my whole you only keep buying if you like what you see in front of you principle approach.

Sounds good want to join, do you have any UK channels in 50fps? Ski Movies in 50fps? Any 4k

Do you accept e transfer

From everything I have read and your post. This defiantly sound like a service I would like to give a spin to see if it will work for my needs. I use xTeve to pull M3U URL links into, Filter and handle EPG URL and let the software emulate a HomeRun Device for Plex which is how the multiple streams will be initiated. I am using a 1 month of another provider which works but no support at all on getting more than 1 stream and cannot get a response back. ::frowning:

Send me free trail ford mag254 box mac 001A:79:31:24:85

Im interested in becoming a reseller. i am with a current service and there is no customer service and I know I can do a better job and keep customers coming back. let talk

As initially stated in my ad I don’t spam out free trials. You are welcome to buy a $2 two day trial through, and which will open back up after the big PPV this weekend (since I been typically been making them 3 day lately).

Same goes for the reseller inquiry. Not looking to openly sell credits to anybody with a dollar to spend. Would rather people buy a sub, get a good feel for what they’d be investing in firsthand before any credit commitments, and then hit me up in the discord chat you get access to if it ends up looking like a good fit.

Interested, do you have a site to go and order from?

Purchase website is found at the bottom of my ad.

Does your service have catchup?

As noted in my ad I carry no catch up.

Played the game long enough elsewhere to already experience why most that offer it at first just end up removing it latter in their service lifespans, and even through it obviously helps sell subs I simply do not like the idea of people buying something with that always heightened could be gone at anytime stipulation attached to it. Plus, I’d rather just focus 100% of my resources towards the live aspect anyway.

Big PPV tonight. As a stated on the website after 5pm est no orders will be processed until after midnight.

Interested in a trial. Please DM me

Got ur email and payed for the trial. But I have a MAG box and need for that to be activated. Can you help me here please. I’ve DM u as well :raised_hands:

Not carrying the upscales, but I did end up adding a direct and native 1080/25 feed to most of the UK channels I carry this week, as well as on all the cinema channels. Barely any of which is currently being watched on the complete overkill servers they are running on, since I don’t tend to point my advertising towards the overseas crowd, but they are there :wink:

Also upgraded a bunch of UK based sports, and am up to 95% of the USA having a direct source quality backup after adding one to all the movie channels.