Bigfoot Hosting, if you're looking for a service built on honesty, support and reliability

Welcome to Bigfoot Hosting where we focus on quality over quantity. Primarily a USA/UK/CA/ service, super clean layout and almost full EPG. Our goal is to bring you the best live tv experience you can have, with that we don’t bog down our service with VOD or catchup for that reason. We have all the major channels like you would expect and are one of best services out there for sports in 60fps. We don’t sell annual subs by choice (people get ripped off, services go to crap after a month ect) and we prefer to continuously compete for your business. If this sounds like something you are interested in or have any questions, get in touch with me in this post or pm me. Purchase website/discord on request.

Prices in USD and connections All plans except Mac enabled devices include M3U, no IP lock.

1 Month 2 connections = $8

1 Month 3 connections = $11.50

1 Month 4 connections = $15

3 Months 2 connections = $21

3 Months 3 connections = $30

3 Months 4 connections = $40

Mac enabled device at 1 connection is $8 for 1 month and $21 for 3 months

Free Trial 24hrs - 1 Connection (No PPV, No International Sports, No ESPN+) all regular subs have these of course.

PPV, USA, USA locals, Movie networks, Canada, UK, Sports, ESPN plus, International sports, Music choice video, 24/7, Adult, USA SD, News, Kids and all the major sport packages in season.


Thanks, Bigfoot Hosting

Most of our support and communication is done via discord as well as important information(website, referral program,channel request’s ect)


Do you have any trials?

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Can I please get a trial? Thanks so much

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sure thing, pm’d you :slight_smile:

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no problem, pm’d you :slight_smile:

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Hi can I have a trial link please. m3u

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What is the way to pm you?

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yes, gonna pm you :slight_smile:

I’ll pm you buddy :+1:

So after a quick trial I decided to jump in for 3 months here’s why.

The quality of the streams are top notch and just work with many of the channels having a backup already in place just in case the main one is down, the epg is is probably the most accurate and full I have seen so far since gears iptv RIP :sob:
I personally like the minimal channel list as it’s very easy to navigate and has all the channels I watch. Most sport channels and even regular network channels are in 60fps which I love and I was assured when sports come back that the sport packages will be 60fps as well. I like having the USA SD section for when I use my phone on the go so it doesn’t eat up too much data which is a plus for me. A negative for some might be the no VOD or catchup but personally I don’t care for those as I use an apk for that sort of stuff. Also zap times are not instant but again I don’t care I just want something that works.

Price and payment - 2 connections 21 dollars for 3 months is great. Although I was initially turned off by not having a 1 connection plan I see myself using 2 at a time more and more now, and I’m able to record using tivimate. Honestly most other providers are more expensive just for 1 connection. Payment was a breeze and I was setup within minutes. A huge plus for me was being able to pay with Bitcoin. I prefer it, and think everybody should be paying any service they choose in crypto, it’s just safer.

Support - The guy that set me up was great like I said. Discord is full of relevant information and I like the personal feel to it. Whenever I had questions he was always there to reply quickly, although he did tell me that he is a regular person with a job so sometimes he could be sleeping or working and it would take longer.

Anyways that is my initial review of the service and will update it if I have anything to add or feel differently in the future. As is right now, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend to any of my friends or family.


Appreciate the review sir :slightly_smiling_face: welcome aboard :muscle:


Free trials still available.

hi. do you trial on stb ?

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hello , could i have trial for pc please

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Yes of course, PM’d you

Gonna pm you right now :slightly_smiling_face:


Can I get a free trial please? Also how long have you been running?

New Latino section with 55 new channels.

can i get a free trial very interested. thanks

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Still looking for a free trial. Thanks

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