BUY NOW ! - All Channels! Bein Sports, HBO, AMC, CW and much more - Provided to you by Nordic One IPTV - 18,000+ channels! Multiple Lines - SD, HD, FHD & UHD ! No VPN Needed (We allow VPN Also) - Time Shift - Multi Sub & Lang!

Dear All,

Nordic One is quickly rising to the top of the leaderboards in the IPTV Game in the Nordic region and it’s time for us to expand our reach globally and this is one of our attempts at doing so.


We offer several TV Shows: For example The Game of Thrones S8. Do not miss the new episodes from the GOT or your favorite TV Series as we will play them live on HBO or Sky Atlantic or you could watch it at your own convenience in our TV Series section where it’s already installed in HD for you to watch right after airing. If we don’t have your favorite show, send a request in and we’ll arrange it for you.

Free 24 hour Trials! TV - All Channels from all countries and if we don’t have your own country or a specific channel send a request and we’ll add it within the same week! Currently, boasting more than 18,000+ channels, movies and tv shows. Our Swedish Package includes: Viasat, Cmore, Bein Sports and more! All we ask is that you try it out!

Everyone is able to try us for 24 hours for free, just send a message and we’ll fix it! Don’t miss the Champions League and UFC Pay Per View Events as we have those too and your favorite sporting events too!

The best TV offer available, you must not miss this! - No box needed! Works on any Smart TV! (We do offer boxes if you don’t have a Smart TV: TVIP Box with shipping to you).

You also have the newest movies you can watch when you want, all movies have Swedish subtitles. All children films with Swedish voice-overs in the Swedish section.

PM for more info or if you want to test it for free.

Works on smartphones, smart TV, IP-TV boxes, Xbox / PS4, Computer, etc.

If you have any questions, please send a PM !

Although we are Nordic One this post is arranged by Peoples TV (a subdivision of Nordic One).

We offer time shift. We offer 4K Channels and Movies. We offer multi connections. We offer multi-language and multi sub.

We sell & Ship TVIP Media players to our clients if they need it.

48 Hour Time Shift available on select channels!

4K Movies and Channel available

VOD & Box Office Available.

Our users don’t need VPN, but we do allow it if our users request it.

Multi connection available too at a surcharge.

Multi Sub & Language available.

Reseller Package also available for those that are interested!

Full sport package internationally, PPV and the whole sport deal is included. Our channels are Premium and of the highest quality with premium channels from every country.

We only use the finest and most world-class servers, so your connection will be guaranteed to be stable and satisfying.

Price List:

119 Euros for a Year
73 Euros for 6 Months
42 Euros for 3 Months
16 Euros for 1 Month.

We only use the best & most expensive servers to ensure a very smooth and stable service for our clients, we offer a big technical team that is able to repair any issues at anytime. We offer VIP Channels that no regular provider has. SD, HD, FHD, UHD available.

Do the right thing and choose us as your next provider,

Thank you,

Peoples TV - Nordic One IPTV.


Hi, have you got English Football League games and iFollow?


Yes of course, we have the full Sport package.

iFollow will be added this week, we have had it requested by customers.

PM Me for Free trials please! Thanks!

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bump - We are offering free 24 hour trials to all customers requesting! Don’t miss out on probably the most premium service in the IPTV industry today, Nordic One IPTV!

Where can I find additional details (plans and rates)?

Right here, thanks for asking!

We are charging 16$ for a month, 44 $ for 3 months, 74 $ for 6 months and 120$ for 1 year!

We are a Premium IPTV Service, using the highest quality and most expensive servers on the market to ensure a stable service and a service of quality for our customers. We offer an international package, with weekly additions. VOD - Sport and much much much more.

We ask you to try our service, it will really impress you as it has for many many others.

Please send me a PM if you would like a free 24 hour trial.

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Bump our NORDIC Sport Package includes:

  • Viasat Sport Ultra HD 4K

  • Alla Cmore kanaler Full HD

  • 9st MovieTimes kanaler Full HD

  • 6st Strive Sport Full HD

  • Viasat Xtra 1-6 Full HD

  • Viaplay PPV

  • Alla Eurosport Full HD

New to this game. Please PM for trial.

I would like a trial please.

Pmed, thank you for writing to us!

Nordic One appreciates your interest!

DONE! Pmed, thank you for writing to us!

Nordic One appreciates your interest!

Do you have program for Mag 254 00.1A 79 5467 4f

We offer android apk, windows app, and mac app. we also have a web player. We are able to provide you with a 24 hour trial with MAG box yes, just send us a message with your MAC Address and we will send you our portal address.

I have not received my trial for android box

may have a trial fro my MAG, im interested in Danish channels as well in english and koreans, mostly english movies and series, and try to swatch 4K movies on my MAG 322

please send me your MAC Address via PM! thank you!

fixed you mr Murphy, check pm.

Hi could I have a trial please

yes sure! Check your PM!