Can you advise on these IPTV services


Hi all
Has anyone tried these IPTV service providers?
The Cable Guy IPTV

I am using this one at the moment
Cord-Cutters Club
on the amber package which I paid for 12 months (I know Im a noob) and now VOD and TV shows have been discontinued.
I am in Australia and would like something reliable and with VOD


IPTV Express has good Quality and VOD is there. Try at


I am in Australia and have found Epicstream is working well after all their problems and also have tested Crystal Clear IPTV and found them to be similar.


Thanks mate much appreciated


Try proton…pm for a trial


thanks ipgurl I will take a look :slight_smile:


OK No problem at all :slight_smile:


hey bud you can check my review on clearstreamz.
Pick up as many trials you can and pick a provider that works for you. Sometimes VPN may be required because of your location to IPTV servers(latency)


By chance does EpicStreams have Fox Sports 506 - Virgin Australia Supercars???


I try visit the proton-iptv and not wotks . only show something about UBUNTU servers apache 2…
I’m looking for a good IPTV provider with english koreans and danish channels mostly, not arabics or spanish


ok3 has korean ad English but not danish


Tried free trial from clearstreamz yesterday there was a lot of buffering.


Bro honestly I use 3 boss hosting for epic/gears tv from netcast/and simply tv and they all work well no buffering


I try to change my IPTV provider, but at the momment the ones i like the channels are DUREX Tv and and don’t have any reply…
i bought a month in VADER or PI2BOX and really more than a half of channel are not working and freezing in most channels and movies, also the only few nternational channels.

Any advice for a good provider and a long international channel list ?


Clearstreamz IPTV service provider seems to be be a very decent offering that is quite stable and reliable without any adverse buffering unlike Vaderstreams; Clearstreamz is the first IPTV service provider that really does not have any significant amounts of buffering artifacts; the price is right at $12 monthly which is comparable to vaderstream; currently vaderstreams is closed to new subscribers and vaderstreams has some rather serious unresolved ongoing problems; I would go with Clearstreamz simply because their are not really any significant problems that I could find and/or experience; they are definitely one of the better than average IPTV service providers; they do offer customer support directly on facebook messenger and are fairly quickly responsive in offering help and/or technical assistance if needed; they also have a very nicely done android apk application that works quite well that is very full featured and nicely laid out allowing one to do nearly any of the expected things when navigated ones typical IPTV service while using it quite readily and easily; I do like IPTV service to be without any significant problems and Clearstreamz is definitely certainly one of the better IPTV service providers that I have used to date so far; I would go with them for a month and evaluate them based on what level of IPTV service one might need; if one likes the Clearstreamz IPTV service and what they offer namely about a couple of thousand digital high definition media content programming channels which is easily equivalent to the highest tier Comcast Cable TV Ulitmate Tier level programming for about $250 monthly for only $12 monthly instead; if their provided level of video media content meets your expectation I would feel very comfortable finally cutting the Kord with Comcast permanently once and for all and thus putting Comcast and company out of their poor miserable overbloated an inefficient non-customer servicing existence; since they are definitely so ridiculously grossly over priced!!!


I stumble on them when I did a search for a stable IPTV service. I second your review. User experience may vary because of location, device and internet speed. Very good service. My search at the time came up with


I always give a new IPTV Service Provider an initial 30 day one month trial; if it meets one initial expectations then renew for another month; no IPTV Service Provider is perfect but this one seems to be definitely above average in meeting most of ones expectations and the price is certainly very attractive in comparison with Comcast Cable TV programming equivalent service; its hard to justify continuing paying for Comcast Cable TV programming service in light of its excessive looming increasing out of control costs; so I threw in the towel like most fed up irate Comcast Cable TV subscribers and canceled their service altogether once and for all; I encourage others to also do the same naturally and save oneself some rather serious amounts of money as I have already done and continue to do so every month!!!


thanks mate I will definatley give them a try. Do they have a VOD and TV section? What about catch up?


Hi, Do you have interest of our iptv? have 3 days free trial and catchup vod.

or sent mail to or dm me.


Man, as i understood you need to change your provider and system. So, read about this here. In this article you will find information about iptv)