Can you advise on these IPTV services


Hi iptvleague
Just sent you email re 3 day trial


Hi Michael, sent, Please check you mail box.


Give me a try please. Have 48hrs at the ready for you.


Aldod 46 is there good IPTV for Austraiian channels for sports


I have not found any IPTV which has Sports Channels in Australia. There are some that have Fox Footy but they are always buffering. It would be nice if an IPTV had the suite of Foxtel Sports Channels in Australia then there would be a lot of new subscribers.


I tried the free trial for Clearstreamz and then signed up for a month of Clearstreamz IPTV service for $10 and then I signed up for a one year of prepaid Clearstreamz IPTV Service for $80; which works out to 22 cents per day; I have Verizon Gigabit Connection with 940Mbps download and 905Mbps upload broadband speeds; and I do not have any issues with buffering at all; now when Clearstreamz does infrequently have temporary unspecified buffering issues it simply resolves them by automatically reconnecting(up to five times) to the video streaming source; I have not seen any other IPTV service provider that I have trialed and/or tried that has an actual feature like that; but so far to date I am so far satisfied with the Clearstreamz IPTV service that I have been receiving; I have been with Vaderstreams national IPTV service provider and they are absolutely horrible indeed and Vaderstreams IPTV Service is 49 cents per day versus Clearstreamz IPTV Service for 22 cents per day; that is a fifty five percent discount and the difference in terms of buffering between Vaderstreams and Clearstreamz IPTV service is literally like night and day; I would never ever go back to Vaderstreams IPTV service as it is simply unacceptable as well as overpriced to boot!!!