Cost of IPTV providers


I am just curious as to why some iptv services are upwards of $20-$30 per month and others such as Eternal who by the way are amazing are very low $5-$10 per month. I ask this because what is it that the more expensive services offer than let’s say Eternal. Obviously $25 per month is still very good considering the savings you make after giving cable/satellite subscriptions so I am not complaining just curious. Thanks


Cost somewhat depends on the cost to the reseller as most providers do not directly sell to users.


i have tried both expensive and cheap IPTV providers, and to be honest overall the more expensive ones are a bit better, the cheap ones. The cheap ones i have used tend to get blocked when live sport is on and can have a lot of buffering. i suspect but i dont know this is because they have a lot of subscribers having advertised heavily and have come to the attention of the TV and internet providers who will try and block them.


I use 3 different UK based providers, 2 are approx £60 for 12 months, one was £50 but now £90. They are actually the least reliable of the 3.