Crystal Clear IPTV


Has anyone tried Crystal Clear IPTV? If so, what’s your opinion?


I tried the trial and it works pretty good, I really liked the ability to add programs to the favorites and not have to sort through all the other channels I don’t look at.
One thing to look for is the internet speed. If you don’t have a consistent download speed of at least 10 mbps
you are going to get a lot of freezing of the program.


Channel selection is great and stream quality is very good.

However, channel changing is a slower process than I’m used to, and I have some dead channels and buffering issues.

Have only had the service for 2 weeks now - hopefully these issues will be addressed soon?


Where can I see a Channel List. Try to go to Crystal Clear IPTV and says the site cannot be reached. Anyone know the link?



Do you have the link for Crystal Clear IPTV?


Thanks. Have just installed a trial version and it appears to be down either due to maintenance or an outage


Hi… I’m trying to get the trial but no one is responding. How did u do it? I filled out all the boxes and info and haven’t heard back from anyone. How long does it take? Thanks


Will not accept trials over weekends


Oh. Well I’ll try now


I would not recommend. I purchased a 3 month Subscription and have had nothing but continued buffering on most CHANNELS. I’m currently having issues trying to connect. Going on 3 days now Im quite disappointed in this service.


I had trialed it and it was very acceptable. I have now decided to subscribe for a month and it appears that about 50-60% of the channels do not work and about the same have no EPG. Try watching a movie or a series and you will be surprised that none of them work. I think I may have lost my money.


Have to agree with the posts above from Balbowa_Harry and aldod46……
I run into dead-channels pretty often.
Of the channels that do play, I get buffering on most.

I had heard good things about the service but have been very disappointed so I would advise you to look elsewhere.


… Did you call to support?


The service seems to be pretty decent. No IPTV service is totally perfect.


This service is a fraud. I paid $55 for two connections/six months and only get one connection. This do not respond to my support tickets or if they do I get this kind of reponse:

“Your account is set up properly as you are watching tv. The user not found is a glitch that happens occassionally because you were correct. I had to modify your account due to the error setting up.”


Sounds like you got a dead beet reseller. I’ve had great service from the reseller I got my service through. Vector Streamz. They offer several different services other than Crystal Clear & their support is really good. Crystal Clear itself isn’t the problem, it’s the people you purchased it from.


Not true. I signed up on their website CCbillingorg. The problem is they set up my account wrong by making it a free trial with only one connection active for 6 months when I actually paid $55 for two connections six months.

No amount of ticket submissions by me with attachments which detail the problem have helped. Telling me that yes they set it up wrong and that glitches such as “user not found” happen is not solving the issue.


CrystalClear said that they have refunded me my $55. Buyer beware.


Sorry to hear that. That sucks. I haven’t had any issues with whom I purchased the service from. So far it’s been a pretty good service for me. I hope you’ve found a good service elsewhere.