Crystal Clear IPTV


Great quality streams but during peak times / events, i faced some buffering. I still prefer A51, TPK, Eternal, Streams 4 Us, TNT, Venom and Kodi Solutions over Crystal.


I’m a reseller of crystal clear and I don’t have any complaints from anyone during peak times and events. Buffering can be a product of many factors. Could have been a bad night for CC. Or could have been and ISP issue. Which knows. But I know we have several feeds during big events and issues get fixed pretty fast once reported by a customer.


I have been with CC for almost 6 months and have not had any problems. Support is good. Response within 18 hours. Have not been able to do anymore than 1 month subscription.


What do you mean? They won’t allow you to buy more than a month?

Check the IPTV Providers thread…I can get you more than a month if you need it :wink:


I have just learned Crystal Clear is eliminating the very useful CatchUp feature that is currently available on numerous popular channels.

Beats me why any company would do that. Moronic.

It is forcing me to shop around for something else with Canadian / US / NHL Center Ice.


Try Desert Streams.
It has Canadian, US, and NHL.
CatchUp service works great.


They are also getting rid of VOD.


I have just subscribed for an additional month and have been advised that as of 3 may 2019 VOD, Series and Catchup have been deleted. This makes their IPTV expensive for what you get.


Can I please have the list.


What IPTV is That provides that type of Subscription


Guys, I was loving Crystal Clear until they got rid of the VOD & TV series sections… Any other good services that have VOD & TV series?


I have just tested Desertstreams and have not had a problem. I am with Crystal Clear for over 6 months and found them very good and now that they have deleted VOD, Series and Catchup, Catchup being all important to me because of the time difference