Crystal clear m3u url

I am new to the world of IPTV. I signed up for crystal clear service through xstream iptv. I am looking to get an m3u url so i can use the MyTV online software in my iptv box (formulerZ8). I have sent numerous emails to xstream support and they will not answer me on how I get this m3u. Am I missing something? I fully accept that I could be doing this wrong , but their “world class support”, as they call it, says no question is too small so I would expect some sort of answer if I have it wrong. Any help would be appreciated

Hi some company will not give out m3u line for security reason. You say you need a m3u line before you brought. What did they send you. You can put other apps on your box do use what they have sent you.

Thank you notoSky. I didn’t know you had to ask before hand. I will remember that next month.
Have a great day

for MyTV online u need mac adress, not m3u

you give the mac adress to the provider, then u get a portal adress to connect to

Okay thanks. I’m thinking there must be a few ways to do this as I accessed a trial with another provider yesterday and I was able to download an m3u file and install that file in a folder in myTVonline2 and it worked, but I did see a box on crystal clear where one could enter a MAC address but I was under the impression that was for another brand of hardware. I’m thinking, going forward that it would be wise to contact these providers before I purchase and get the information I need from each one rather than try and get the information after I have paid them. Thank you for the info… I will get up to speed on this shortly