Ctv atlantic in canada

No providers are offering this channel from canada.

I have Desert Streams and it does offer channels from Atlantic Canada. I think there is at least 3, one of them is NTV. If I am correct I think I saw CTV Atlantic.
Go to desertstreams.live
Hope this helps. :grinning:

I have CTV Atlantic…check my thread for more info.

Check worldtvstream.ca

Great service Desert Streams they are a reseller though so there prices much more expensive.
i pay only $5 per month for the same service

What iptv service do you use?
$5 a month would really cut down my expenses.
I would get a subscription on the first of July.
Let me know if possible.

Using Excalibur 2 months for $11 a month very good service stable and high quality I highly recommend this provider.