Cyclops is here. No blocks service. £40 per year introductory offer. UHD, FHD,HD. Full support. Combo deals

Do happen to offer a free trial?

Yes no problem. We have a sports one and an entertainment one. They are not the full compliment but will give you a feel for it.

Please let us know what device and app you are using and forward an email address for username purposes only :+1:

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Covering worldwide viewing with no blocks, no vpn needed. You are allowed to use the VPN.
Our VOD has 1000’s of movies all sorted out in easy to navigate Categories such as Disney+ and Netflix.

Watch your live football without having to get a vpn or switch your vpn on.
S.K.Y sports, movies, BT sports and so much more on our reasonably priced Cyclops service.

Go the extra yard and add another service to your deal. Another service that does not need VPN.
Use the other service as a back up or swap between the great channels and VOD that both services provide. Our 2 services will also guarantee 24 hr viewing.

Free trials available…you will receive the Entertainment trial which has no sports and upon purchase you will get the full compliment of the vast array of programmes.

Come and join CYCLOPS and you will never look back.

trial im using android tv box

Can I have a free trial please? Firestick.

Pm sent to @elvis :+1:


Free trials available 24hr test no sports

Give us a try…only £35 for the year :+1:

We are UK based and experienced resellers. We pride ourselves wiith our aftercare and support.
Once you join us at the Cyclops club you will be kept updated and will be well supported throughout your time with Cyclops.
Pop in for a chat we would love to hear from you

Trial sent to @elvis and pm sent to @foam.

Thank you for your interest in

Enjoy your trial @foam

Our Cyclops and back up service requires no vpn so watch your Football without the hassle.



Can I please get a trial for a android tv box

Thank you

PM sent to @aussie121 from



Get yourself 2 great services and enjoy 24 hour service. IPTV has to have maintenance every so often which means a period of downtime leaving you with nothing to watch. No worries when you have 2 services for the price of one. At only £45 you can enjoy 12 months and 24 hour IPTV.

Both services offer UK, US, Sports, PPV and international channels and both have extensive VOD & TV Series.

We offer full support on our discord site and keep you informed and updated of any events and updated apps and so on. You will never feel left alone with Cyclops we will always keep our eye open for you…

Try our 24hr test (no sports) of Cyclops for free or test us out for just £10 for 1 month on Cyclops or £15 for both services.

Value for money with excellent aftercare support at

NOT 1 BUT 2 SERVICES FOR £45 - 12 MONTHS (no vpn needed but it is allowed)



To use our Great Service we can provide you with our own app


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