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Do you have nbc sport gold channels ?

I carry all NBC sports.

Big (and undeserved for the challenger) UFC title fight tonight. Expect slower process times on any order coming in after the main card starts since I actually like to sit back and religiously watch the stuff with the rest of my users.

I’m more thinking of the nbc sport gold channels for premier league matches

I would like to buy the 2 days trial

After trying Best US Hosting, I decided to test Twisted TV. I see they use the same source lol, Oh well
Best US Hosting is a nice and stable service, Great Quality to. Maybe in the future i’ll re-visit

I use my own sources, on my own panel, and our service has a completely different focus approach and channel lineup then Twisted TV does. Well, outside the similar base channels every provider tends to carry at least. I did let a few providers restream our service as a temporary favor solution while people were getting back on their feet after the whole XC fiasco, but all of those have moved on to doing their own thing again.

If you tried something that looks the same as Best US Hosting does today then it is strictly a reseller re-brand under a different name.

$2 trials won’t be available this week in light that I plan to take my annual family vacation starting tuesday, and don’t want to dump any extra work on my admins while I try my best to give that my complete attention.

Might even close the web store as well. haven’t decided. If I do that and the $2 trials will re-open next Sunday though.

I like the way you run and sell this service. Please treat me as a beginner. How do I get this up and running. I’m using an android box. Do I need a specific installer and then an apk file etc.
Thanks in advance.

Well first you need to buy an account, and which can be done from the web address at the end of the ad. From there and for complete beginners, I prefer to walk you through the setup in the live chat. Access to which would be found at the top of your setup confirmation email.

(lots of beginners tend to to skip that last step btw, and typically make up the large majority of the people that go on to have and/or email in about buffering issues nobody else is seeing due to wrong and overly simplified assumptions constantly being made that their own setup “should be fine”. but that is really a problem that every IPTV tends to face)

Service note: $2 trials are back and will stay in for the time being while the sports world is mostly down.

I would like to try your service.

Hi, Just wondering if $2 trials are still available?

still doing sub pls let me know ty

Are you still offering bushosting? My brother told me about it but the website seems to be down