Details m3u playlist


Hello I’m new to iptv and just signed up for a trial, I want to set it up on nvidia shield (Android apk) and iOS

What’s this m3u playlist url link I have been given, it also contains my username and password in it…

And the epg link with username and password in it… why do I need these if using apk and iOS , kind regards


if using iptvsmarters you just need the username and password and server url. Hopefully your provider gave instructions for iptv smarters.

The m3u link and epg link are for apps like perfect player or tivimate


I don’t even know what IPTVsmarters is, is this for iOS or shield APK ? I’ll look it up…


It works on both android and ios. You can dowload from the app store and the google play store


Ok just had a look… I wonder it seems there is a fair choice for IOS… what ones are best… it looks like some want you to pay for a separate epg? Is tivimate better ?


IPTV Smarters is the easier to setup. The best really depends on personal preference.