!Discounts For Summer! (FREE TRIALS) 9000+ Channels, Adults and VOD All HD

Hello everyone! I provide 9000+ Channels all in HD from so many different countries.

I give 24 hour trials for 2 Euros and if you buy any of my subscriptions I will deduct the 2 Euros from the main price of that subscription.

The prices are as follows:

1 Month = 22 Euros
3 Month = 55 Euros
6 Month = 85 Euros
12 Month = 120 Euros.


you acept reseller?thank you

Not at the moment, sorry.

Can you use a VPN with your service?

No unfortunately as the system will automatically ban the ip.

Ok. Thanks for getting back to me.

You are more than welcome.

24 hour trials available for 2.00 euros, if anyone is interested please PM me. I have full HD channels from many different countries and my service works on Mag, Firestick, Android, Iphone, PC/Laptop and Smart TV.

Good afternoon everyone. I wish to inform everyone that I now accept re-sellers for my IPTV. Here’s how it works. Say you have a customer who wishes to buy an IPTV subscription from you for say, 1 year. You will pay me for 1 year, I will then give you the subscription and you can sell the 1 year for any price of your choice. You will also have 27 trials available each day, in case your customer wants to try out the service beforehand and it’s your choice whether or not you wish to charge them for the trial. Here are the prices for reselling.

The prices are as follows:

1 Month = 15 Euros
3 Month = 40 Euros
6 Month = 70 Euros
12 Month = 100 Euros.

Hi everyone. I am please to announce that I am giving special offers for the summer. You no longer have to pay for a trial and 24 hour trials are FREE! The new prices are as follows:

1 Month: 10 Euros
3 Months: 25 Euros
6 Months: 50 Euros
12 Months: 60 Euros.

Do you have “Catch Up” channels?

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately I don’t as of yet, no.

My apology. I thought you had asked something else. Yes I do have catch up channels.

Ok, that 10 Euros is it every month or just a one-off?

Hi again. It’s every month.

Is billing done automatically every month or would we have raise a new payment every month? I.e pay for one month, skip a month (no service obviously) then pay again when we want it?

No it’s not done automatically. It’s up to you if you would like to renew the service again or not.

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Ok, can I get a free trial then please?

Please pm me your email and also what device you will be using.

Hello may i have a trail. Thanks