Does anyone use Tivimate Apk?

Hi folk,
Looking for advice on Tivimate please?

  1. Is it any good?
  2. Is it user friendly?
  3. Can you record?
  4. Why do you use it over other IPTV streaming Apps?

Thanks in advance.

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My opinion is

  1. Yes, it is a very good application with a nice interface and supports multiple providers.

  2. Yes, it is very user friendly. It allows for easy insertion of m3u links of providers and settings are easy to find and alter. Also channels are categorized as setup by the provider. Epg is also horizontally scrollable now, which is a nice feature.

To summarise, it is very user friendly.

  1. I don’t think you can record at the moment.

  2. I think it is one of the best iptv applications in terms of usability and nice User Interface. I would suggest it over IPTV Smarters and Xciptv. One application that is better than it in my opinion is Ott Navigator.

Hope this helps.


Many thanks Sportslover!!


amazing picture mate better than smarters:grinning:


I also personally use it.

The auto refresh rate is particularly useful :slight_smile:

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TiviMate is the best app for android boxes if you ask me.
There may be betters ones for phones or tablets but on a 65" TV its easy to use with a remote. i’ve used it for months and think its way better then any other i have tried like GSE Smart, IPTV Extreme and several others.
Don’t know if you can record on it tho.

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I use TiviMate and love it. But watch out for iMPlayer. When he gets the bugs worked out it’s going to be a great program.

yes that app aint to bad . its a knock off android version of the formuler z8 mytvonline app

Yes it is roughly 8/10 and pro version is better

Tivimate is not bad. I prefer xciptv

TiViMate just added scheduling recordings. It’s great.

I have to agree. I was shocked at how much better the picture quality is compared to Smarters. The catchup is also the best. Too bad you can’t record otherwise it would be perfect.

It has recording after update.

Not recording over here and I have the premium version…not sure what I am doing wrong.

Go to the reddit page for tivimate for help.

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Thanks everyone! I have since found TiviMate to be a great resource–especially at times when I’m not sure what I want to watch and for those who are used to a having cable/satellite’s EPG layout.

I think it’s very easy to use after the setup. :smile:

TiviMate is definitely good. Allows you too record, it is also fully customisable to your needs such as categories can be set in the order you like as well as the channels. Switching between channels is instant. Only downside is that the VOD section is not the best compared to some other apps.

100% recommended one of the smoothest running app and most customisable app there is

Yes I use it to push multi dns to the app very useful