Epicstreams problems

Anyone having trouble trying to get this service.

I saw this in my email from Ultrabox


Epicstream has been forced to change the URL yet again (Yes we hate it more then you hate this).

This time instead of depending on Epicstream URL, we have selected to provide our own Custom URL. This way if Epicstream has to change the URL again, we can make the change on our end instead of asking you to change this everytime.


For Kodi, PerfectPlayer, VLC, etc, Please change your URL to:

http:// ubox.ws /get.php?username= USERNAME &password= PASSWORD &type=m3u_plus&output=ts



MAG Portal / Formuler / etc


I completely understand how annoying these changes are, I am hoping by us using our own custom URL we don’t have to do this again. :frowning:

Apologies for the inconvenience - yes this does totally suck

Ultrabox Support

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What I am trying to do is to sign up for the service. Can’t find anyway to do this. Keeps saying the system is down. Thanks for any help.

This is the message Mike put out.


As you may have already known Ultrabox went private couple of months ago. This means we stopped accepting new customers and started referring existing customers to our resellers.

Ultrabox IPTV

To me this means that unless you were a current subscriber at the time they went private, you’ll have to get Epicstreams from another reseller.

Ok. Thanks. I’ll look around.

Yes no communication from Bosspremium in regards to the service.

Thanks for URL, it worked

My Epicstream through Perfect Player does not work at all

Same here aldod46 perfect player not working here ether

what you want to try is kstreams iptv very reliable service loads of channels and vod comes in sd30fps and hd60fps, there’s no buffering or stuttering of any kind. I’ve been with them for a while now and would never turn back to another provider… try them out you won’t be disappointed… http://iptv.kstreams.tv

Does it have catchup?

Started with Epicstream in March. First 3 months were good, some buffering, but tolerable. Since July-August all hell has broken loose. 4 domain name changes. As a TVHEADEND user, every time the URL changes, I have to rebuild my desired mux list from 2,500 provided muxes. The buffering has been so bad, that TVHEADED can not make usable recordings. I don’t think it is a network bandwidth problem because I can switch to other muxes and get good streaming. I am paid up till January 2019, so I will be patient for awhile longer. The last URL change was supposedly from providing a admin email address to the DNS register. WTF, very unprofessional, and head should be rolling at Epicstream. Seems like a problem is quality tech people on staff.

*Anyone able to renew serives with Ultrabox?

New subscriptions site claims no longer accepting renewals for end users?

Will it be back online?

See my earlier post above.

Anyone want a sub or renew. Pm me.

Are you an epic reseller?