EternalTV Signups


Has anyone had any success getting EternalTV. Been trying for 6 weeks. Always out of Stock.


I have had Eternal for three months now. It is hard to get a slot but great service after you do… My only complaint is that you can only renew on a month to month basis. I have tried several other IPTV services, but this is the best so far. I’m looking for a back-up. Does anyone know anything about Cloud9 ???


Kodi solutions is eternal’s sister company (supposedly).


Correct but less channels. Still works good.


i have been trying to sign up for two months for eternal TV. Always get the out of stock


its not, it doesnt have all the channels especially the ny cahnnels


Check out Area 51. $5/mo.


how many devices??? and do they have these ny channels ABC,CBS,NBC,FOX,MY9,PIX11,SNY,MSG,YES?


does eternal have a vod section


next to impossible to get a signup with Eternal. They only keep so many customers so that their servers don’t get overloaded.


Thought that was in stock but not lol sorry


They are now offering referrals. Existing customers can get people a subscription.