🎬 EXCEL IPTV UK,US,Sports,VOD Premium, FREE PLEX on 12 month deal. 2nd 12 mth service for just £15.Stable and Reliable

You are welcome to have a chat with us in our Welcome Lounge on Discord https://discord.gg/58zZmUN

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No Blocks No VPN needed on main Service. VPN is allowed. Back Up Services requires VPN for Footy

Professional free app to use with our service. http://bit.ly/tvexcelapp


Sorry folks trials cancelled today (Big football fixtures today)

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Free trials back on because Football finished. :+1:
We now have around 6/7 streams for EPL. DAZN, Spark Sports, SuperSports, Bein Sports, 3pms, Flow Sports :+1:

Do you have a channel listing?

Hi, No they are too vast and ever changing. If you look at the start of our listings you will see the groups :+1:

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Groups here. :+1:

High Quality UK/US sports orientated. You won’t miss a PL league match with 6/7 streams per match. DAZN, SuperSports. Excellent Value

Hi i’m looking for a trial please. smarters on lg

EXCEL IPTV are unable to provide anymore trials for Smart IPTV sorry.

If you want Quality then EXCEL IPTV is for you. If you want Quantity then our Back Up service will assist with that. Get to what you want to watch with easy grouping and easy navigation. No need to scroll through 100’s and 100’s just to find what you want. UK free to air in 1 group, UK Movies in another group, US movies in yet another group, 3 pms in a group etc etc so easy to navigate.

Free trials Mon-Fri noon
Supreme streams, supreme sports we have what you want to watch and easy to find. :+1:

Plain & Clear to see our grouping. Easy to navigate and find your way around.
Not all plonked into one group :+1:

Come and join us on discord. https://discord.gg/UJtTnG

Adult xxx can be included

Come and join us on discord https://discord.gg/UJtTnG

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Get free back up service with Standard Package (ends Jan 16th) :+1:

2 services for one. Separate services.

Sorry but no free 24 hr trials this weekend because of the football. Our paying customers have to take priority. 6 hr trials with no sports are available.

Free trials back Sunday evening/Monday Morning :+1:

Hi there, new and hope Im not posting in an incorrect area.Looking for a provider to use with an LG tv using the smart iptv app.Very interested in using your service…would it be possible to trial for an hour or so to get up and running before purchasing.First time trying, so not sure about process.Any help is appreciated, hope request is’t inappropriate :blush: thanks.

Sorry mate we are currently not providing for Smart iptv. :unamused:

No problem bud, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


Looking for 1 month iptv for Firestick

Sent you a pm. @davidwainwright21 :+1:

Hi, could I have a trial please? Thanks