F1 returning special offer. Our main & backup account for 21 pound for 3 months. Never miss a game

hi they are working on the getting the EFL game streaming. if you go to USA group channel 1098 espn plus 01 you can watch the fuluma game live

My services has just been updated

can i get a free trial please? not sure how to message on here

just private message you please reply

Any USA member would like to test my service I other a full USA service

The UK group of my IPTV has been updated with SKY sports in FHD all ready for the football season

Update news all 6 Scottish football teams live games streams have bean add to the UK group

Hi! Interested in a test please. Apple TV?

Just tested service and have to say quality is fantastic. Quick zapping, and loads of rare channels I have never seen with other providers.

Great price as well

Took one month but will get a year if service quality remains at the high level it is at now. Which I am sure it will

Thanks for your review.

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I’m I ok to use a vpn with your sub (I have one running on my enigma2 box)?

Hi uncletom666 yes the IPTV service will let you use a VPN. The company recommended it if you want to watch live football on sly sports. But yesterday I found better streaming from a USA sport channel they rebroadcasts sly output with there own presents. The picture was full HD and no buffering. The best stream I watch all year. Plus they will doing this every Sunday for all seasons. If you would like a test please pm me. Tell me what app what device and roughly when you would like your 36 hour test to start please.

sounds good! I prefer to watch the footy on foreign channels anyway eg. NBC, Fox, BEIN, Ziggo, Viasat, Sky DE etc.
I’ve tried a number of subs in the past and they tend to freeze a lot when using a vpn, unless of course it’s my setup or the location of the vpn server.

I will pm you for a trial request.

Hi can you please tell me if the EPL will freeze if im watching big games

Hi thanks for your questions. The very nature of IPTV you will sometimes get freezing. You can do thing to minimise it Which are available on YouTube. Plus with my IPTV if you are in the UK you will need a VIP, to watch a game live at 3pm on Saturday. I am more than happy to give you a free 36 hour test this Saturday so you can judge for yourself. Thanks again for your questions

hi sent you a email for test and had no reply

I’ve just emailed to request a trial. I’m new to IPTV so want to make sure I can get it working before I commit

Hi, thanks for your quick response.
Yes the free trial would be very much appreciated as i am very interested in this.
Also, the VIP you were talking about, is that something that you give to us or do you have to get it somewhere else?
Many Thanks.

Yes, I am from United States and would appreciate a test trial. I use Android Box.

Hi im a new member on this forum. How do i get a trial please?..thanks