Favorite IPTV provider


Which IPTV provider is your favorite? And why?

How to select channel

Area51-1st…love the APK, very smooth and user friendly plus they have all my favorite channels and it is only $5 a month for 3 connections.
GearsTV-2nd…guide is nice but I really like the Gears app for sports and PPV, makes viewing them and choosing very easy…$17 a month for 1 connection.


I use Vader’s because it offers 5 connections and 3 isp’s for $15/mo.


After ace went down been a struggle to find a reliable sevice, I want to love vaders but (for me) it has to many issues, so ive been with CC media for two weeks and am pleasantly surprised at the uptime, still has buffering issues from times but not as frustrating as other providers. $16 for 3 connections. I’m also trying kodi solutions ($10 /5 connections) however no VOD, seems to work good. Haven’t used much since CC media has been strong.* as any experienced iptv person knows. This is all subject to change*


Area51 because they have USA TCM which is my fav channel. Also, I’ve had fewer buffering issues with them. But the best of all is the price! I don’t need VOD because I can always watch GOMovies or another service.


Hi,im using d-tv iptv,i purchased 2 boxes off ebay with 12 months subs on each box,they have been superb,you get the odd occasion when it freezes,but very rare,you can purchase direct from d-tv iptv you can purchase boxes with subs on,or just subscription,ive had so many boxes over the years,but this service is awesome,highly recommend them,just look online,they give you a rundown of prices boxes and subs,as i say best ive had.


Tried Gears TV for a month and was please with the quality of service and their guide. However for the money I am very please with Area 51. Since their last app upgrade service has been good.


I have had Gears tv which was quality Iptv…support was good quality…
Reason for leaving was price $20 now…
Got global tv for £10 so far is good…
the UI is good…not had that long yet month…
But see now Premier League as started if it as any buffing or freezing…


I use Eternal tv, best I have found for 3 connections for $20.00 every 3 months.


Can’t find any info on CC media. Can you provide me with a link?


I find GE very reliable.
Helix for its range of channels.
Just trying out UK Smart Hosting, steady as well.


It’s dang near impossible to sign up with eternal these days


They are not over selling it, this is a good thing for its existing customers.


I know, sucks for us outsiders


Crystal clear iptv, I do believe


There’s no mention of necro Iptv here? I have used this for over six months since ace shut down. Hardly ever an issue and full hd for all sports and movies. 2 connections 9 euros a month, cheaper if you sign up for longer ( I tend to avoid )… also an instant messenger service to speak with admin. I can definitely recommend👍


I use IPTV Forest and Best Buy IPTV and I don’t have any issue.
They add channels and VOD very often


I have BestBuyIPTV, $8/mo. Works great! Good response to any issues. I thought I had issues with them until I went to my daughters’s house, flawless! Issue is my LGTV. Likewise, I used IPTV Simple app to cast from my cellphone and it was awesome! Nice to have 8,000 channels wherever you go.


GE and Ultrabox for me. Both excellent providers.


Have you got a link for Area51 please thanks in advanced