Favorite IPTV provider


You got w link for them dude




Disappointed with Crystal Clear - buffers badly?


Been working good for me, occasional buffering that doesn’t last long


Im on there site and showing $5 a month for 1 connection???


it si by far the best but issues for new users to sign up.


It is 1 connection but can have up to 3 Tv’s using it at once. It is confusing…


yes confusing so whats the 1 connection??
also does it have these NY channels, ABC,CBS,FOX,NBC,My9,PIX11, SNY,MSG,YES?


Sorry bro only just picked up your ask but I can see the link has been posted. Seriously good quality :ok_hand:


I use d9tv and Shack TV. Both realiable.
d9 lost their ‘old’ server a month ago and no update on when it will be back in action. New customers are on their ‘new’ server.


Hey All,

Im new here to this site.

I live up in Canada, was looking at Epicstreams and vader. I did a trial with some king iptv, seemed okay, just worried they are a copycat because dont see much mention of them.

Anyone else from Canada here and any recommendations?

Im looking to use it via samsung smart tv using smart iptv app.


I also came across shack but did some digging and that soloman guy seems to be heavily promoting it? Anyone else use shack?


Been having some major issues with them lately. Service flaky, connects all fail, channels mislabeled. They were good but seem to be encountering problems now. Shame.


I got SETV about 6 months ago, was in Ca. and the service went down, Moved back to Ecuador and to my surprise SETV is working fine here. I need an education here’s my magic jack number for anyone who’s got 10 minutes. 805-530-2025 SETV is on a fire stick I purchased that had 2 VPN"s already on it. Are they automatically on, must I turn one on, do I need one on with SETV in Ecuador, South America. I’ve got 2 more questions. My magic jack will be on from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm pst until I find some answers. Extremely high quality of life in Cuenca Ecuador, 8,500 ft. elevation, temperatures between 50 and 75 degrees with 25 inches of rain annually, pure heaven because were so close to heaven, pure water no chemicals, organic fruits, veg. and meats dirt cheap, excellent medical, no vehicle needed busses every 15 minutes everywhere, 15 cents one way if your 65, gas was $1.48 a gallon in 2011 and it’s still $1.48 Restaurants everywhere and lunch is $1.75 to $4.00 (executive lunch) with real fruit juice, great soups and several entrees. Vegetarian options, alternative health big and inexpensive, 1/3 to 1/5 th the price of the states. Alternative health actually cures you, not get you on a pharmaceutical cocktail of medications and the people here are warm and beautiful. Thank you for any help!


Do you know how many connections, for instance I would need a mac address, and 2 for android boxes, do I need 3 subs or 1 for mac and 1 for android boxes?


I honestly don’t know. I think you get one isp connection and can watch on two devices at once for the $5 rate. A MAC address may be extra. I only run their Android app and their m3u on Plex and I only use one device at a time.
Here’s a link to them. Look at the store pages for more info.


do they do free trials


It was Solomon’s YouTube video where I first learned about ShackTV.


As far as I remember ShackTV do 1 day trials. They also have an easy to download app. No complaints so far.


SETtv was banished. They are all headed to jail.