Favorite IPTV provider


SETv works fine in Cuenca Ecuador, I’m watching it as I type this. 2 months ago in Ca. it did stop working, I’d payed for a year. Do you understand why it’s working here and what do you recommend for another service when this does stop. I have no access to any special box and would like the catch up feature when i dose off during a Laker game. Thank you, Source.


Using EliteTV at the moment. $5 for a single stream. Have used Eternal in the past, but hard to get back in (sold out). Do not have that problem with Elite. Think I’ll add Area51 as a backup, especially since I understand they have Australian channels. I want access to Fox Sports 506 for their Australian V8 Supercars racing. Having 3 separate services for a total of $15/month I think would be ideal coverage/backup.


Greetings Mark, I use Google to look up elite TV and when I tried to do the free trial it said the monthly subscription was $20 a month. Did I go to the right place? I also use Area 51 as a backup and that is an excellent choice. I also use unloaded and internal. Any information you have Mark would be great. Thanks brother for the Post


My favorite is comstar tv, haven´t had any trouble yet and they give good support. I pay for 3 month something like $11 USD.


http://www.elitetvsystems.com is their website. Unfortunately, it does not look like they have subscriptions. The service is working for me still. Tried retracing my steps to where I discovered them. Looks like the guy ( BigCiga4) deleted the videos he had on them. Must be a problem somewhere. Might not be the best outfit to go with.


Finding it hard to trial Vader. Their support service does not respond to emails


Awful service. Big buffering problem.


KStreams is very great provider, streams are fantastic, live tech support, 3000+ chan, and very cheap, they do trials to test out service.


I cannot get Kstreams working. What player app are you using?


I’m using the android app (ktv2.apk) on an android smart box.


Do you have a link for GE?


Vontronix Has all the locals in every region of the US.


Tried it. No locals and menu has a Porn tab. Canceled.


link for GE? what do you mean… sorry… :slight_smile:


I think you’re responding to a message I was asking harrybarracuda. He said he found GE to be very reliable. I’ve never heard of them and wanted a link to their site.


ahh ok. sorry about that.
and kstreams is very reliable. they just added a few new servers for more storage, load balancing, and backups. they stream hd in 60fps and sd in 30fps with no buffers,shutters,or lag, past 3 days ive been streams 24hrs a day. and i havent seen anyone that offers that type of quality…


Do you work for them? (KStreams)


Iptvsubscription it has all the Florida channels


no i dont. im a user just like everyone else… but i do know the person running the service


Do ksteams got catch up ?