Favorite IPTV provider


yes kstreams does have a catch up option…


tried this service thought it was poor


What do you mean? Is the quality poor? Picture freezing?


I came across Durex IPTV and I have to say it is. very nice. $14.95 a month for 2 connections. This has the similar Smarters that they all have (which I prefer) and they have a great list of channels broken down into multiple categories making easy to find what you are looking for. They also have multiple sources for some channels that are more popular or finicky like MTV for me…also all channels are in perfect Alphabetical order. All 1080 and or 720 with very little to no buffering. Gonna drop my Area 51 actually and start using this with Gears for the wife and kids.
Gears $15 a month 1 connection.
Mayfair Guide $3.50 a month 1 connection.
Durex TV $14.95 a month 2 connections.
Total $33.49 a month.

Still a butt load cheaper than cable. I pay $9.95 more now each month for Durex TV over Gears but it is worth the extra few bucks. You could easily nake Durex TV your only IPTV and be happy.

Almost forgot, the epg is very accurate and is mostly showing vs blank info. This was a big one for me to. The Area 51 epg was hit or miss but this one is way more Hit than miss.



iptvsubscription is a reseller, not a service. They have about 8 services they that resell…which one are using with the Florida channels please?


Do you still use SHACK TV ? If so, are there any negatives.
What box are you using ?
Thank you


Yes I do and I would still vouch for it (9/10)
Recently I downloaded the new d9tv apk on one TV and use the Smart IPTV app on another TV (Samsung) and both are excellent. 9+ out of 10.
I have also tried Plug, XStreaming, Helix and Sonic IPTV and none of those are are realible as the aforementioned 2.
I use an Nvidia Shield Box (except when watching d9tv directly on the Smart IPTV app available directly on Samsung and LG TV’s.
Hope this helps. Good luck.


there is a service in the UK called Root, its not expensive and has great sport content, not much in the way of film or vod but if you are looking for sport for very little money i can totally recommend them


Streams4us.com has become a very reliable provider with a huge list of content to watch/binge has everything from news,sports,tv series and more, right now there is trials open to test the service b4 you buy so check it out! thanks…


Try amazintv.co.uk
I have had no problems with them for 6 months +
No buffering & good quality streams & catch up on many UK channels

24 hour trial bottom of home page


Does streams4us lock your ip?


Rocketstreams is the best IPTV service provider because it offers you a live stream of sports from all over the world, as well at affordable prices.


manny1025, no streams4us does not lock your ip.


I have just made streamsforus my primary iptv. I have tried four different iptv’s and found
this to be super. They offer a 24 hr. free trial and you can download their apk and perfect player at filelinked #43649447. If you are still looking for the best, give them a try.


You still haven’t given a link to enable anyone to take up a trial or buy the service. :smile:


Here’s a link for Streams For Us. No Iptv is the best, But from my testing it’s not bad. https://www.streamsforus.net/


Do they after catch up TV


go to the setting and lock the XXX folder is you don’t like the adult content. Then it will not show up on your start page.


use geniptv.pro
one of best iptv providers with over 20000 channels and VOD and Free Trial available


24/7 Customer Support
USA Based IPTV Service (California)
Direct USA Streams
Lakers and Dodgers Direct Channels

Worth taking a look at