Favorite IPTV provider


Can I please have a free trial


I need the best iptv app which works smoothly and support effective features. If anybody knows about it then, please help here.


Depends on your setup, provider, requirements etc.
My favourite app is Smart IPTV installed directly on my Samsung TV. I can upload multiple provider streams ( max10). Andcthe pic quality on my TV is fantastic. Other people I know hate it.
It’s fairly restrictive in that you can’t use it for catch up or record.

Another App I use is IPTV Extreme. This works on the same principle as SIPTV in that you can upload multiple playlists and also record. This works on an Android box unfortunately (I’d love to use it direct on my tv).

Both work on uploading an m3u, so if your provider won’t give you this, you can’t teally use them. Especially if you’ve multiple providers.

All providers have their own version of the same app as well.

End of the day, it’s trying them and seeing what works for you.


Yes, I have multiple streams of different providers and used in many iptv apps such as IPTV Smarters Pro, Smart iptv, & GSE smart iptv app. But I can record and catch up only in IPTV Smarters Pro App which is very good rather then other app.


Progtv is good for recording… so I’ve heard


https://streamsforus.net/ i use them also great service and Great price