Firestarter review


I recently took out a free trial with Firestarter, requested and promptly received a trial m3u url for SIPTV.

There is a vast array of channels, UK, US, Arabic, and many other European and Asian countries. Most channels in either SD, HD or FHD.

I use my sub primarily for football, mainly Spanish ( Barcelona games) but also EPL, German, French and Italian. Every league is well covered with great streams and, more importantly, for me, using a VPN, no buffering or loss of service during EPL or CL games. A lot of providers I know are getting hit at these times, so far, I’ve not yet had any problems.

There is a good selection of VOD available, both TV & Film and a large number of UHD and FHD films available. An even larger number of SD films also.

I haven’t had opportunity to use it yet but PPV is also provided.

So far, in my experience, this is a very good service and provider, they also have their own App which seems very stable and high quality output.

Support is very quick and done via an on line message page ( they responded within minutes to my idiotic question, very patiently)

The only downside for me is that they don’t appear to have 50fps+ sports channels, although it could be that I just haven’t found them yet ( other providers I know actually highlight this where available).

Given it comes with VOD, £70 for 12 months is in the middle of other providers but for me, it’s QoS makes it a very good buy in my opinion.

Overall, so far I’d say 9/10.


Hello, thank you for your review of the services.

All of our BT sports channels are in full HD at 50fps.

The sky sports channels we believe are the best quality out there (the globe source) we understand they are only 25fps, but compare these to other providers 50fps sky sports (which we also have access to) The feedback was the globe feeds looked better.

Again, thanks for taking the time to review us :slight_smile:


Thanks for clarifying, yes the Sky Sports streams are very good, the 50fps was only a very minor critisim and caveated with me not having found them.


Do you have free trial for mag boxes



Could I have a free trial please?



Sorry, only just seen this reply… Please private message me we certainly do.


Yes, please private message me with which app and device you will be using.



Hi any chance of a free trail please