Firestarter shutdown?

Anyone know if Firestarter has shutdown? Website is down

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@Eggsalad If you in need of a service come try mine out.

Not sure mate Im awaiting a DM
The main website is up bit not the billing and their discord is down
they did say if the service is down forever they would tell us on the website

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Benji confirmed elsewhere they’ve closed :frowning: :cry:

Shame but nothing is forever…

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Damn that sucks that was a good service
Did they give a reason?
Thank god I have a back up service
need to find another one :frowning:

Disappointing. No info on why it’s gone off? All the channels on Discord have been removed with no explanation.

Pretty crap considering they were accepting new memberships and payments last week… what a rort

@Dfurno provided never know when the big arm of the law comes nocking at the door.

Most provide do not set out to rob people. But when the.police come nocking they have no choice but to close down.

Have a good Christmas.


Can you send me some details please

If anyone has been let down I can sort them out cheap as chips. Trials available today. Massive discounts (half price) from today.

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Can you send me details please?

Check ur inbox hope you enjoy :+1::+1::+1::ok_hand:

Can you also drop me some details, looking for a new in! Cheers

On its way mate give me a minute :ok_hand:

@Smiler could i get a trial please?

Of course, check your inbox in couple mins

Could I get a trial ?

Of course you can… Check your inbox in a couple minutes.

I’m interested please

I’ll send you a trial in a minute buddy check your inbox.