FireStarter TV - A personal invite from me



We have not advertised our services publicly for sometime now, It has just kept growing by word of mouth and we have been just been in the background running things like clockwork.

I thought it was time to let others see what we offer and how we operate, We have the cream of the crop when it comes to all areas especially sky sports and BT. We offer 24/7 support and have several branded APK apps and i would like to invite anyone who would like to know more or simply wanting a free trial to get in touch. You can simply message us on here to learn more as no links are allowed to be posted.

We aren’t re-sellers of any other service either so you will always be dealing with us directly :slight_smile:

Also please join our discord community:

If you use our service already, i would love for you to leave your review. :slight_smile:

See you soon!


Just dropped you a pm.


I have replied :slight_smile:

Thank you.


Hi, can I please get a trial of your service to test on my Fire TV Stick 4K device?



Yes. What app will you be using so i can send you the correct info?

Thank you.


If you don’t have a branded app for the Firestick then a m3u file for IPTV Smarters Pro will also be fine.



I don’t seem to be able to PM you. Could you kindly PM me i have your details ready.



Hi id like to get a free trail thks


Sure :slight_smile:
Could you PM me and ill set it up for you.


PM doesn’t seem to be an option?? I have a reliable service ( for now )… but always on the look out for alternatives. Please send details for a free trial. Thanks v much


I’d like to trial your service please mate. I’m using SMART IPTV. I’m in the UK and mainly interested in PL Football.
Do I need VPN using your service?
Best regards,


Will send you a PM :slight_smile:

You do not need to use a VPN. Thanks


Thanks for letting me know about not needing a VPN. It slows my connection down big-time.


Could you send me information for a sign up at kind regards steve


Hello steve,

here is our website:

If you would like a free trial let me know what app/device you use and i can PM you the details.

Kind regards


My device is nvidia shield i use kodi or apk ime i would like a trial if you could send me details ile get strait on it


Champion its on all sorted mate :grin:


Thanks for the link. How much is this a month?
Best regards,


I’ve just subscribed for a month. If all goes well I’ll continue after that.
Best regards,


Hey Doug,

That’s great to hear. :slight_smile: