FireStarter TV - A personal invite from me


Hi, I have also subscribed for 1 month initially and first impressions are very impressive indeed.

I’m using the Firestarter TV APK on my Fire TV Stick 4K and I love the easy to use interface and the Catch-up service is one of the best I have used. I am on BT Fibre broadband with ExpressVPN enabled and all channels load up quickly and there was zero buffering during last nights live EPL games. So far so good!

Kind regards,


Great to hear :slight_smile:

Kind regards


Just signed up for a year.


Fantastic! That is great to hear…

Kind regards


boob would like to hear from you current subscription ends next mo.


Hello boob,

I will message you the details now.

Kind regards


pretty impressive I tried it out on my PC just to see how it works on 29 MBPS. I bought a 1-month to try my hardwired laptop/Big screen getting about 90MBPS if all works out I will buy a 1 year


Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


I would like to try your service. The channel list looks very impressing. Please send me a link for a free trial. I prefer apk if possible. Thanks.


Those details have been sent to you.




I was looking for a trial before buying. Is it possible to get this set up for a SmartTv? might send me a link for prices etc…just looking for a reasonably reliable sub with English channels with sport mainly so this looks to be exactly what I’m after.



Will send you a PM now.



Hi any chance of a trail please looking for a new service cheers


Message sent :slight_smile:


Hi, can I get a free trial please?


Message sent to you Dave.


Hi, could i get trial please mate? Using firestick.



could i get a trial please? this sounds perfect for me, i will be using kodi.



Sure. Message has been sent to you.



hi would like a trial if possible … for a mag