Formuler Z7+ Review: A New Premium IPTV Box


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With the massive selection of products available on the internet, deciding what kind of IPTV box you should get can get pretty confusing. This is true at the high end or lower end of quality and price ranges. Lucky for you, you may not have to look much further if you wanted something on the…


Very nice. Still think I may go with Nvidia Shield when I get another box. I have the H96 Max RK3399 Rockchip now. Powerful box but not completely happy with it.


What do you thank about the nvidia sheld


Who do you use as your IPTV provider … I am assuming the combination of the provider and this box is working very well for you … thx …


Thank you for the in depth review.

All I can say is that I found the Formuler very sluggish. As I said in another post, I prefer the Zidoo H6 Pro, which has 2Gb/16Gb, an Allwinner H6 and a Mali T720, not to mention dual band 802.11ac Wifi.

A better box in my opinion, and $40 cheaper.


Has anyone had any success with Eternaltv? Been trying for 6 week now!!


I have the Formuler Z7 Plus I am not impress for a box that cost USD$100.00 plus dollars it needed a better processor. When watching HD movies form movie APK buffer alot my Moto G4 do a better job no buffering n my phone, so because of that I have to look for lower quality stream to watch now on the box. I Even seen using Stbemu for Fab IPTV it buffer with there myolinetv but with Stbemu there was no buffer.
I did a brechmark test with box n my phone n the result was 29K for box n 59K for phone. One day I was watching TV Series n phone but when n box to finish watching n very HD stream they were stopping for buffering very couple of seconds I didn’t have no buffer problem n phone.


Not entirely correct, I have a mecool box with 3GB RAM. Excelent box, never had any problems with it, great for streaming of films and fast action sports


Yes the only thing good about the Formuler Z7 Plus is the APK Mytvonline. For the price it’s selling for it’s a rip off.
If I could get the APK that would be awesome I would but it n the Nvidia Shield n see how it work.