Free iptv for beta users


Hello i am Shahid i work in in streamsaw.
We are offering free IPTV subscription to everyone.
IPTV is free in beta : means you can use our services and provide us feedback to make services better.
Currently streamsaw offering services for IPTV All devices, Restream , Reseller not available in beta.

Channels : Currently we have 800+ channels mostly from ASIA, in Sports , News & All categories.
We have 90% local streams which we host on our servers & about 100 (8%) restream channels.

Users can create beta account streamsaw(.)com and use our services for free.

Note : Channels will be removed and added automatically , Channels may not stream sometimes, Only 2 nodes and 1LB is available in beta.



Okay, can I use your services in IPTV Smarters Pro App v2.0.


I got an m3u after signing up, it didn’t work on two separate apps.


Hello ,
Sometimes it might not work -
I suggest you to try again with HLS , ( m3u8 ).
BETA DOESNOT MEAN 100% up and working links. We are setting up things so sometime we have to reboot - restream link - change Catogery - …

Provide your feedback -


We have not tried yet-
You can try and post here .
And let us know if it works


I am trying to setup account on your website seems like your site is down keep getting error:
The file /home/ is corrupted.


Neither m3u I’ve been sent has worked on SIPTV.


Right now , which app you are using?


Anybody try new version of IPTV Smarters app 2.0 v ?