Free trial for our server with built in vpn

We offer mostly UK USA countries but our server has built in VPN specially for our UK customers who get blocked during games.
Free trial 24 Hours
However we will not provide m3u playlist for security purpose, but we can provide our own STB EMU app or IPTV Smarters for any android devices (No IOS available at the moment).
If interested send PM

can i get a trial please? thanks


I would appreciate a trial to use on my enigma2 box.

Cheers - Tom

I would like the free trial. I use EasyTone T95Z plus android box
mac address cc:4b:73:37:5c:98
Thank you,
E Wallis

Email sent with instructions

Hi please display your Price list

Our prices include free temporary replacement in case server goes down or maintenance

our prices are as follows:

1 month: £9
3 months: £25
6 months:£45
12 months:£80


1 month: 10 euros
3 months: 29 euros
6 months:£52 euros
12 months:93 euros

How stable is the service.

Service comes with full customer support and free temporary replacement in case server goes down

Sorry, I was referring to the channels stability. % uptime

Most channels are stable but can happen sources are unstable but very rare.
Have over 2,000 users and so far so good