[From Admin] Need your feedback

Hi all,

I created this forum to give streaming enthusiasts a platform to discuss anything IPTV related, help each other out and gossip. I guess it is not surprising that it didn’t take long for hobbyist IPTV resellers to swarm onto the forum and copy/paste their spammy “5 thousand channels best IPTV” posts everywhere.

Of course, there are some providers on here that are less spammy than others (and I do delete and ban a lot of garbage…).

So, I guess it is up to this community to decide on which path to take.
Leave it open and unmoderated, allowing everyone to spam ALL-CAPS walls of texts over and over?
Implement some rules that only allow advertising in certain categories?
Require providers to first get endorsed by users before allowing them to advertise?

I am open to any suggestions. But I don’t think the way this forum is developing is really healthy.



Definitely need to set some rules on posting spam IPTV services.

Maybe have moderators check out IPTV services before being posted here. Like a mini questionnaire/interview?

Need categories in place also to organise everything.

Yes, definitely need rules/moderation.
I have no problem with a provider starting their own post in the correct section as long as they stick to that thread only when selling.

It annoys the hell out of me when providers hijack any other thread apart from their own one trying to sell their wares.

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I reported on this forum as far back as 6 months ago that it was heading in the wrong direction. I did not unsubscribe hoping something would change. I rarely open the daily email and when I do, I regret it. It has gone from bad to worse.
No sign of people who liked to help others e.g. Greybeard and rarely any input from Smileyman anymore. Those 2 names in particular stand out as people willing to help.
However, the drivel and repetition on view, is not what I signed up for.
Something needs to change and I am pleased you recognize that fact.
There will be no subscribers left until something changes.

Yea! some of that happens; but I find it is a good forum.

Love the listing from all. However, rule and restriction are needed.

Require providers to first get endorsed by users before allowing them to advertise?

Of the ideas you mentioned, I like this one the best. The litter all over IPTV forums makes them less than fully useful.

“Terrible service. Buffers all day long.” Who knows if that is true?

Mr admin from IPTVinsider send a mail to all users/lists about ICONIC stream , with a nice discount, I paid a 3 months subscription, as i do to test providrs, but since the first day and still today (one week) is empty provider, no channels no movies, no news NOTHING on that, plus when i choose to watch a movie, appears something about the copyrights and the law… plus is one of the ebst rated on the website… very strange… maybe this people of iptvinsider don’t check the providers and is only spam?

Im not happy with this advertising made by this website, for a ICONIC provider, a fake, at the momment for me is fake, looks like a re-reseller

you right, this website make money advertising fake providers with empty programs, like ICONIC … is empty nothing inside, n movies, no tv… nothing, pity because at the beggining was good as you say.


I actually joined one day and just started my own service and was probably a little over Anxious as i finally moved on from being a reseller (and that’s no a knock-on anyone who does). When i came in here i posted as i saw others and I don’t think i was slowed to as a brand new member so I signed up with a different name and messaged someone because I wasn’t trying to disrespect the forum. Anyways, I haven’t posted since but I have an idea?

Why not make it only on certain days you are allowed to post and can only post once on those days. Also, they must be tested first. I wouldn’t mind helping out doing that for others if needed. I would, of course, want to be on the list but someone else would have to test me as it wouldn’t be fair. Limit it to 20-30 providers. And if there is a complaint brought up like ripping a customer off or just being outright rude. There’s plenty of providers that would want their spot. But seriously literally make it 2 or 3 days a week they post. As long as they stick to the one post rule no one will be drowning anyone out. And if people come here to look for providers or reselker opportunity they will know what day to scroll down to. Just an idea

Hey guys,

Don’t mind people advertising but they should stick to their own section and should stick to a form to fill out for the post to be valid.
Basic stuff like, sections/channel lists and number of channels in a section. Cost, connections, IP lock yes/no, VPN allowed etc.
A link to a coherent website would be great too if available.

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When I first started coming here it was interesting and helpful, now it is aggravating and seems to be more of a reseller ad-forum in every thread than being meaningful and helpul. Something does need to be done.

A suggestion, how about having a dedicated, single thread/category - one thread only - for resellers to post all of their junk and ads. If a visitor to the site wants info on a reseller he/she can go directly there to see who is offering what. This will also keep those irritating ads off of the threads where folks may post helpful tips, etc. If a resellers is caught polluting meaningful threads with their junk they should be banned entirely and permanently.

Taking it a bit further, how about a thread/category for recommendations by members, one devoted to their experiences and thoughts about the different services they have used. There they could opine whether a service is good, bad, or just so-so; if it has buffering issues; quality of the EPG; selection and content of channels; value for price; etc.Another thread/category for devices where member can list the pros and cons, ease of connect and use and so on.

Overall IPTV Insider is a good idea and good concept but it has gotten out of control. If I come here looking for any certain, particular piece of info and click what seems to be the appropriate thread most of the time it is full of reseller ads and junk or non-relevant entries. I know that from the categories shown on the Home Page this looks to be what you intended when you set the site up but the categories have NOT been monitored to ensure non-relavent entries are posted in them and they are basically useless. The site really needs some tightening up and control by Admin

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This site is getting progressively worse. The amount of people being conned out of their money is increasing. Why are these people allowed to advertise their hoax services, without being authenticated?
Also, some of the remarks from providers, to comments from paid customers, is downright rude and uncalled for.
I would also like to add that if providers are serious about selling their products, please check your spelling, grammar and punctuations. By not doing so you come across as very unprofessional.


I am definitely agreeing with previous comments that the forum has become the playground for copypasta resellers not adding any value. I am happy to change rules to either have verified providers, or a single thread selling post (which would be unreadable I think…). But, I would need help from moderators to enforce the rules…

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Hello all. I am a reseller and have to admit I have not been on site that long. I can understand concerns about scammer resellers who will blight the forum and spoil it for most. On the other hand there are genuine resellers just trying to get a foothold in the business and sell there wares. How do we get rid of scammers is the million dollar question. Maybe a solution will be to have a reseller give a sub away to admin, long serving trusting regulars for a viewing to see if the quality is good enough or the like (or even if the service exists). I know this is a time consuming feat but only a suggestion. It is a great site and a good opportunity for the genuine resellers but will obviously attract the devious sellers. Authenticating the service is the best solution but not the easiest. I wish you well in seeking an answer to the problem but pease take into consideration that there are genuine resellers here trying to provide a good service.

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That’s a great idea Excel.
If a providers service was that good, they should be happy to give free trial to the forum owner for him to verify the quality and subsequently allow them to advertise their service on here.

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Or forum trusted regulars because it might be a little time consuming for admin alone (I don’t know how many admin there is). But Yes it is a way of filtering out the riff from the raff.

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Some real ‘classy’ dialogue going on today! Obviously no block on bad language.
Editor: You advertised for a ‘writer’ months ago. Have you hired anyone yet? If not, I really think you should.