Getting started with iptv


I’m new to the iptv scene. What is a decent set up? Box and iptv service. One device for streaming. Under $100/ year for a North American service subscription would be nice.


A one time payment for a good STB; About $135.00 dollars and aout$20.00 or less for a monthly subscription.


So boxes can be defined to almost 4 categories

One chinese boxes (variable in range and quality)
two official boxes android based (fire devices, shield, miibox)
three STBs (mag, avov, formuler, buzz)
four official boxes non android platform (apple tv, roku)

each offers something different chinese boxes are your most basic and can really cause variable experiences and expectations but some have been good in past.

official boxes are nice if your a big netflix or official apps fan because the rest of these guys just dont have the license for that.

STBs for iptv to me these are the goldmine as they are made just for their nice iptv experience but becareful with informir AKA magboxes they are blocking portals but can be reveresed with installing a firmware.

as far an official non android boxes people just use them mainly because its what they had around.

In terms of recommendations you can probably get a nice first gen 2.4 g formuler z7+ for under 100 at this point. Another highly recommendable option is the miibox or firestick 4k.

As far as services i offer beast tv if your willing to try i can offer you a trial come monday.


Tried A z7, but prefer Nvida Shield (still) over anything, they work so well, smooth…for Iptv